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Coming Clean

Coming Clean by CL Parker

In C.L. Parker’s COMING CLEAN, Shaw Matthews and Cassidy Whalen are back for the third and final installment in the Monkey Business Trio series, and they are back with a vengeance. Having a child might not have been what Shaw and Cassidy thought would happen, but that’s what fate had in store for them. Now a...

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Getting Rough

Getting Rough by CL Parker

In GETTING ROUGH, C.L. Parker’s second book in the Monkey Business Trio, Shaw Matthews is angry. He landed the sports star who promoted him to partner, but only because Cassidy Whalen turned down the prospect. He has pushed himself and busted his butt to be the best in sports agent in the business, and knowing...

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Holding on Tighter

Holding on Tighter by Shayla Black

Julie Quinn is driven to make her fashion company a rousing success and has put any thoughts of romance out of her mind. She’ll leave that fanciful notion to her mom and sister.  The trouble is that her sister, Karis, has decided that their new security contractor, Heath Powell, has a crush on her and...

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Mistletoe Games

Mistletoe Games by Jaci Burton

MISTLETOE GAMES by Jaci Burton is a book containing three holiday stories that are a perfect read to warm you up on a cold winter night. HOLIDAY GAMES is the story of Elizabeth and Gavin. Elizabeth has a demanding job as a sports agent. Gavin is a major league baseball player. After being married for...

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