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Nico: A Mafia Romance

Nico by Sarah Castille

Mia Cordano has made it her goal to escape the mob connections her father’s role as a Mafia boss entails. She’s endured so much pain, emotional and physical, because of the Mafia and certainly isn’t going to pretend to be some submissive little piece of property for some man to beat on whenever the mood...

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Wrong for Me

Wrong For Me by Jackie Ashenden

Levi Rush has spent eight long years nurturing his anger while locked up in prison. Now that he’s been released and returned to Royal Road and his friends in Detroit he’s got more than a few loose ends to clear up.  One of those loose ends involves Rachel Hamilton, the girl he’d considered his best...

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Dirty For Me

Tamara Eliot was not looking for a ‘hook up’ when she accompanied a friend to a seedy side of town for a self-defense class. Her future’s carefully mapped out – work at her father’s company, marry the man her parents deem acceptable, and live in the lily white surroundings that demonstrate her family’s wealth.  Maybe...

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Jade Roberts’ life plan hit a snag when her fiancé left her at the altar. Rather than sit around feeling sorry for herself, she pack up and heads to her best friend’s ranch in Snow Creek, Colorado.   Now she’s just waiting for word on whether or not she passed the bar exam so she can...

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Stealing His Thunder

Addison Kennedy gets a charge out of stealing cars. She’s not doing it for financial gain; it’s more for the challenge of seeing if she’s able to get away with it.  Unfortunately her days of obscurity are over and Fox Larson, an established car thief, has busted her, knocked her out and taken her back...

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Fueling His Hunger

Ophelia Covington has lived a party girl lifestyle – but her father’s unexpected death has left her reeling. She inherited his company but knows next to nothing about running the business and her mother is putting pressure on her to sell it.  Alcohol has allowed her a bit of an escape from her responsibilities.  However,...

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