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Stepbrother, Mine

Dana’s dream of earning her master’s degree is put in serious jeopardy when her mother decides to cut her off financially. Strapped for cash and with only one asset worth parting with Dana opts to take the drastic action of auctioning off her virginity.  It’s not a step she takes likely and wonders if she’s...

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Falling In Deeper

Falling-In-Deeper by Shayla Black

After being on the run for a few years for witnessing a crime she had no control over, Lily has temporarily settled in at Club Dominion. Nobody knows her past and she can pretend to be someone else for a little while, but she won’t allow herself to get close to anyone. People she lets...

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Kickin’ Up Dust

Kickin' Up Dust by Em Petrova

For Marines Brodie Bell, Garrett, and Wydell, returning home to Los Vista, Texas after their latest tour in Afghanistan is a bittersweet affair. They’re returning minus one, their childhood friend and platoon leader, Matt Pope. Brodie’s hand-delivering Matt’s belongings to his family and already dreading the task before they ever enter town, but throw in...

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Addicted (An Outlaws Novel)

Addicted by Elle Kennedy

ADDICTED (An Outlaws Novel #2) is an erotic dystopian romance which takes place in a future where might makes right and protecting each other is the only way to survive. Lennox and Jamie are best friends, and that’s all they’ve ever been, having grown up together. Although Lennox has had deeper thoughts about his friend,...

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Riding Steele

Breaking up with a boyfriend should have been simply a parting of ways. Maybe a few tears. But for Laurie it becomes a terrifying moment in which she’s almost raped, offered to a motorcycle gang for a gang bang, and then kidnapped. She should be terrified, and initially she is, but she quickly discovers that...

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Hard Ride

Desperate for money, Liv will do anything to come up with the funds she desperately needs. But she never thought she’d find herself in a dangerous alley after being stood up by the one man she thought would help her. What she doesn’t realize is that the one man she loved in college has spotted...

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