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Blind Spot

Maisie Edwards’ is in a rut. Her job’s sucking the life out of her, her courses are demanding and her love life is practically nonexistent.   The one upside to her life is her roommate Kian Walker who seems to understand her better than she understands herself sometimes.   While he’s permanently between girlfriends and she doesn’t...

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Dangerously Broken

As the little sister of his best friend, Summer Grace has always been off-limits to Jamie despite their attraction to each other. Jamie’s indulged in his more extreme desires with a number of available women who enjoy the BDSM lifestyle – all while fantasizing about the one woman he wants most in this world.  Those...

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Kept by Maya Banks

KEPT, the third book in The Enforcers series, is about Silas and the woman he falls hard and fast for – Hayley. Maya Banks has long been one of my favorite authors, and the first book in this series – MASTERED – reminded me of why I fell in love with her books all those years ago....

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Desire Actually

desire actually by Jennifer Skully

I just finished DESIRE ACTUALLY by Jennifer Skully. This is the first book in her After Office Hours series and what a fun read! The main characters, Grady Masterson and Jordana Davis, just sizzled off the pages. As the book opens, Grady receives an email from his wife telling him she wants a divorce and...

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