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Welcome Guest Blogger Sheila M. Goss

Happy Friday!!! Help us welcome Sheila to the Junkies blog! The Love Affair By Shelia M. Goss The relationship between a writer and a reader can equate to a love affair.First it’s the courting period. Before the first date, the writer must introduce themselves and their book title. The title should be catchy; something easy...

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Welcome Back Guest Blogger Taige Crenshaw!!!

The Emotion of Writing By Taige Crenshaw I had another interesting discussion the other day. Okay I’ll admit it was more of a debate. It was concerning a book a mutual friend and I had both read. She didn’t like and I loved it. That led to a long debate of us both listing out...

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Every Midnight, a new release by Maggie Jagger

    Lizzie knew she’d made a pact with the devil when she agreed to meet the Beast every midnight and allow him to debauch her. Every Midnight, my new historical release from New Concepts Publishing, is a sensual comedy about sex.  Yes, sex every midnight.  I was halfway through the book when I decided...

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Welcome Guest Blogger Angie Fox!!!

Happy Friday Romance Junkies, as summer fades and children prepare to return to school I know I start thinking about hots read to keep me warm on a cold night.   Joining us today is author Angie Fox, she’ll be discusing Harley Riders and Romance. Men on powerful machines wearing leather are certainly enough to heat...

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