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Brandy WalkerBrandy is a paranormal romance author who, on occasion, likes to dabble with contemporary. She’s addicted to murder mystery shows and who-done-its. You’ll almost never see her without some type of skull paraphernalia on and is always dreaming of more tattoos. A Navy brat, prior enlisted Army, current Army wife, and mom. She lives in Virginia with her husband of 20 years, their three kids and one dog.

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Sweet seduction…one nip at a time in this series that delves into the lives of big cat shifters. Falling in love and finding a mate never looked so promising or heart-wrenching difficult.

The series is on-going with 2 books already released, one almost complete, and two more in the planning stages. There will also be at least 2 more stories in the Tiger Bite line – novellas under the Tiger Nip line.

The Tiger Nip series is available in e-book and print.

“…a fun, sexy romp through those awkward first days of a new love – nothing is ever truly easy, but getting to the happy ending is the fun part of the journey.” Marsha @ Keeper Bookshelf, 5 stars

Craving More by Brandy WalkerCRAVING MORE, Book 1
Paranormal Romance – Big Cat Shifters
Corrine Hart is ready for few days off for rest and relaxation. At the top of her to-do list is spending as much time as possible in tiger form and doing her best to banish all thoughts of the mysterious Hunky Cupcake Guy who spent the last two weeks driving her libido insane.

Jett Montgomery-Murphy just wants to know if the tasty treats that keep showing up at work are the same ones his best friend used to get while they were in college. A trip out to Sweet Confections confirms what he thought and brings him in close contact with the one woman he’s secretly lusted after for years, his best friend’s sister Corrine.

A late night tryst leads to two tigers finding their mates and two humans unsure what to do next. Add in an overbearing brother, a best friend with her own drama, and a crazy ex-girlfriend that has a checkered past and you have a recipe for disaster.

Will Corrine and Jett be able to overcome the unexpected obstacles on their way to falling in love? Or will they throw in the towel before the relationship even gets off the ground?

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Claiming More by Brandy WalkerCLAIMING MORE, Book 2
Paranormal Romance – Big Cat Shifters

Sampson Hart has known Mary Jane Poppy for ten years. She’s his sister’s best friend, business partner, and has had a crush on Sam for years. When the mating pull hits him, he’s ready to claim her as his own. Given their history, it should be simple. Right?

MJ has loved Sam since she was fifteen. But being a hybrid, she’s been told all her life she won’t have a mate. When Sam proclaims she belongs to him, she doesn’t believe it; the mating pull isn’t there, and Sam isn’t meant to be hers.
Running back home to escape the love she feels for Sam, MJ agrees to become the companion of a man who lost his mate and has three young children to raise. It is the only way to set Sam free to find the one he is truly meant to be with.

Will Sam be Claiming More or will the one he desires the most find comfort in the arms of another?

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Dallas and Kacie by Brandy Walker

Tiger Bite 1
Paranormal Romance – Big Cat Shifters
It’s the holiday season and Kacie Cook is counting down the hours until it’s time to close up Sweet Confections. Not that she has any great plans for the week the bakery is closed. She won’t be seeing her family—yet again, and all of her friends are too busy. All she has planned is a little rest and relaxation. That is until the last customer of the night walks in. Could he be the one to bring some holiday cheer and possibly change her life forever?

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Paranormal Romance – Big Cat Shifters
Devon Anderson’s life changed forever when his wife died; leaving him to care for their three small children, run his thriving Family Practice, and be the Golden Boy of their small Wyoming town, Garden. He thought he’d found the perfect solution to his loneliness and desire to have a companion when he asked Mary Jane Poppy to be his wife, but fate had something else in mind.
Fate came in the form of lithe, hybrid Carolline Greene; make that Dr. Carolline Greene, expert in Hybrid Development and Studies, and the one who showed Mary Jane she could go after the man she really wanted. A year down the road and Devon was still struggling to stay afloat with all of his responsibilities and battling the need for a companion even more.

Carolline Greene loved the new life she was building in Garden. She had a home she could call her own. A few very dear friends she would do anything for. Most importantly though, she had a position at the hospital that allowed her the time and resources to help people like herself. Give them the support, knowledge, and understanding she never had. She saw a bright, albeit lonely future, but she could deal with that. It wasn’t until a leisurely morning run ended with her thwarting the attempted kidnapping of three kids did her life take a sudden and life-changing turn.

Now that Fate has pushed them together, will Devon and Carolline look beyond first impressions and rumors to see what they could be? Mates meant to be together…forever.
Finding More – Releasing late October/early November


Giving More by Brandy WalkerGIVING MORE, Book 4
Paranormal Romance – Big Cat Shifters
Hero: Bodie Donalson
Heroine: Jessie Montgomery-Murphy
Future Release






Seeing More by Brandy WalkerSEEING MORE, Book 5
Paranormal Romance – Big Cat Shifters
Hero: Soren Jensen
Heroine: Jamie Montgomery-Murphy
Future Release