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Jan Foy - Dear Friend from California & Wife of Eddie Foy III - Hollywood Casting Director, Actor

Q: What was your first impression when you found out that Cynthia wrote romance novels?

It did not surprise me because she has a plethora of experiences to draw from and her talent for expression is so unique. I remember one instance sitting on her living room floor listening to her describe how she met a new love interest. I mean it was exquisite and so very captivating. I actually felt myself drawn in to the experience as though it had unfolded right there in front of me and left me feeling that "school girl flutter" in my stomach.What is the silliest thing you and she have ever done together?We had this fabulous girl weekend in the mountains in a wonderful little cabin, hanging out in our p.j's watching as many "chick flicks" as we could fit into a few days. We prepared divine cuisine, indulged in great desserts, laughed like school girls and drank great wine. At one point, we got into this in-depth discussion about our changing bodies and how over the years everything simply has "gone south". One of our over 60 girl friends just stood up, lifted her pajama top and exposed her breasts. Feeling the desire to be free and uninhibited, I stood and did the same, slightly sucking in my stomach. Then Cynthia bounced up and in one great howl, we laughed and cried hysterically for quite some time, realizing how good it felt just being so comfortable with each other and the very best of friends.

Q: What impresses you the most about her personality or attitude towards life?

Cynthia has been through probably the worst situations of any of my friends. She has survived conditions and heartache I could never imagine or want to endure personally. Her life has been filled with lost love, pain, yearning and some regrets. Each of these have enriched her life in some way and given her strength to keep going because that's what she does. She has not been successful in finding love but in spite of it, she writes novels that are filled with passion and triumph. Cynthia is a survivor, not a victim. She never whines about her circumstances, she gets past that and looks to the next opportunity to improve the way things are. She is a woman of purpose and I look forward to the day when she is fulfilled financially, emotionally and spiritually. She deserves all good things as she has given so much to those of us who love her.