Guest Blogger Samantha Storm!!

Watch Out Junkies a STORM is Brewing. 

Come join us on November 20th as we welcome author Samantha Storm. What you ask will she be discussing, well that is a surprise so come back tomorrow and find out what’s going on with Samantha.

Samantha’s day job is that of a freelance Web Designer and Graphic Artist. But in her downtime she tells the stories that reside in her head. Currently residing in Arizona where high speed internet is but a dream and a starbucks coming there might be considered a miracle she pens her tales. Samantha shares her home with her husband, two dogs and her six toed black cat.

If that wasn’t enough Samantha is known also as Chaos as in Chaoscat, famous for her shout out contests, a stellar review site and well making Chaos. Chaos is of course the owner and operator of the Romance Junkies website.

To say Samantha Storm has a full plate is an understatement yet somehow we managed to snag her for the blog. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

For now while you wait enjoy a brief look at her recent release.

Shadow Vision by Samantha Storm

Friday Maxwell is a typical computer programmer by day, but at night she arms herself with silver daggers and crosses and heads into the night to fight the minions of evil – Demons. As a newly trained Demon Killer she’s ill prepared for a sudden Demon attack. Blinded during the attack she’s now at the mercy of a bystander who not only came to her aid, but is desperately trying to keep her alive and away from the evil that still hunts her. Can she keep herself alive long enough to figure out what’s going on? And who is this mystery man now at her side who not only can see Demons, but seemingly kill them at will?

You can learn more about Samantha Storm and her books by visiting her at her website.

Click for an Excerpt 

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  1. Shelley Handelman

    I will tell the lot of my pals about this groovy little site just cause I like it a lot. I I reckon it’s pretty unique & just a small bit funky, which in my opinion is great. I’ll flag it as a favorite. It’s a shame most blogs aren’t like this one?

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