The Many Faces of Chaos

My name is Chaoscat and I have an alter ego. Okay, that sounds cool and makes me, for a moment, feel like a super hero. I wish my alter ego donned shiny spandex and headed out each night, ready to fight crime in the big city—-I should be so lucky. No, my alter ego is a writer named Samantha Storm. I know, sounds like a stripper or porn star name. Something my husband pointed out to me AFTER I decided to use it for a pen name.

What can I say I have always liked the name Samantha. And while I was trying to find a good surname to go with it, I happened to be outside, and it happened to be storming. Seemed like a good idea at the time. My other half still ribs me about the name.  

So who is Chaoscat? Who is Samantha Storm? How did Chaoscat morph into Samantha Storm? And how on earth did Romance Junkies get started?  These are questions I get, usually after a few rounds of drinks, when hanging out with a group of writers.

Before Chaoscat and Samantha Storm I was Cat Brown. I spent my days working as a freelance web designer. Since I was a kid I had dreamed of one day being a writer, but it was one of those secret dreams that would only come out in late night or tequila tainted conversations.

I liked being a web designer. I enjoyed working a full time job from home. I especially liked the part where I could work while wearing my pajamas. Life was good. Paychecks were good. Then as often happens in life, everything changed. 9/11 happened. The economy took a spin for the worst and suddenly all my web design clients were going bankrupt. I worked for small to middle size companies who took the hit the hardest and couldn’t weather the bad economy.

There I sat in my scuba diving monkey covered pajamas wondering what had happened to my great working at home gig. I was devastated. I would have to go out and get a real job. A job where the boss expected me to show up at work at eight in the morning, dressed in real clothes. Gone were the days where I could stumble out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and pound away on my keyboard, totally ignoring the fact my hair was a rat’s nest. No more would I be able to schedule my lunch breaks to correspond with a movie I wanted to catch on the blue tube that day.  

That’s when my husband, Todd, spoke up.

Todd: “We’re broke right?”

Cat: “Looks like.”

Todd: “It was pretty good while it lasted. I guess we’re back to one income and eating top ramen at the end of the month.”

Cat: “Do we have any alcohol in the house?”

Todd: “Since we’re going to be broke anyway, why not take this time to go for your dream?”

Cat: “What dream? Hey, where did you put the tequila?”

Todd: “You’re always saying you want to be a writer. Well here’s your chance. Go do it.”

Cat: “Do what?”

Todd: “Go write a book.”

Cat: “Did you already get to the tequila? Are you serious? You can’t be serious. I’ve only written short stories for my own entertainment. Write a book? Are you nuts?”

Todd: “Look, your birthday is right around the corner. You’re going to be thirty-six. At this point you can either figure out how to write a book and give this writing thing a shot, or you die without trying your ‘secret dream’.”

Cat: “Holy shit, you’re serious.”

Todd: “Go write a 200-300 page book.”

Cat:  “I have no idea how to write a 200-300 book.”

Todd: “Well, go figure it out.”

And so Samantha Storm was born. I cruised around the net and stumbled onto and into an aspiring writers thread. Eight months, and much mental sweat, and a dozen skirts with insanity, later I had pounded out my first book.

On my quest I met and befriended other aspiring authors. One of those writers was also named Cat. Chaos was a joke between me and my husband. He claimed I was organized chaos. In order to delineate between myself and the other cat I started using the tag Chaoscat. The nickname stuck.

About the time I finished my first book one of my writing friends sold her first book. After we got done cyber celebrating her sale, she asked the question, “Okay now what do I do?”

Honestly none of us had ever thought about what happened after you sold a book. What happens after? Authors promote their books. They promote in hopes of getting their name out there, and if they do a good job of it readers might try them out and hopefully get hooked by their brilliant story telling.

So my friend went forth to promote and shortly came back to complain.

Friend: “I’m a broke writer.”

Chaoscat: “Yeah.”

Friend: “Promotion costs money. I don’t have any money.”

Chaoscat: “Okay, that’s a problem. Where are you supposed to promote?”

Friend: “On review sites.”

Chaoscat: “What’s a review site?”

One rainy weekend after scoping out review sites I realized I was a web designer and I had friends who read a lot of books. Why couldn’t I build a site and con my friends into reviewing? I could make the site a place where everyone could promote, including the not so flush authors. We would only be doing a few reviews every month. RJ wouldn’t take up much of my time. Famous last words.

Anyone that knows me well will tell you that for the most part I’m a pretty laid back chick. But there is one thing that can rile me up—–bullies. Especially bitchy ones. Romance Junkies was going to be a small– work on the weekend only– site. But that all changed because I got riled up. All my time and effort went into making RJ grow and five years later here we are. So there you have it–the many faces of Chaos.


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14 Responses to The Many Faces of Chaos

  1. Jenn L

    Now I understand the many faces of you, I think. What I want to know is how do you juggle it all? Oh and a big thanks for blogging for us.


  2. Carol

    I enjoyed your post, Cat. I always wondered how you got the name Chaoscat!

    I’m so glad that you started Romance Junkies. It’s my favorite site. I enjoy everything about it! It’s so much fun and everyone is so nice!

  3. Chaoscat/SamanthaStorm

    Hey Jenn! Okay, juggling everything. First and foremost you can’t think about everything you have to get done. If I did that I would never get out of bed in the morning. 😉 Basically I write a list of what I have to get done for the day. And I try to get as much of it done as possible. Whatever doesn’t get done goes to the top of the list for the next day.

    It gets crazy sometimes 😉 Post-a-notes cover my monitor and desk. Coffee and diet pepsi are my best friends.

    And I try to squeeze in some pages during the week. Some days I get an hour or two of writing in, some days not a page is written. I just keep trotting along and figuring all those pages I pound out eventually add up 😉

    Hey Carol!! I am glad you like RJ. And the RJ staff is the best! They are a great group of people to work with! 😉


  4. Christine Dionne

    Hey Chaos,

    Thanks for sharing your personal story and the story of how RJ has become to success it has. LOL I’d wondered how you’d come up with Chaoscat – figured it was because you were so dang busy that your life was constantly in Chaos 🙂


  5. Robin Snodgrass

    Hey Cat,

    Great blog entry. It was so nice getting inside the creative brain behind RJ and Samantha Storm. I always enjoy finding out how people get started on the path to their dreams. That Todd is a keeper! 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Jenyfer Matthews

    Geez! And I thought I was busy! LOL
    Great post!

  7. Michele R.

    Hi Chaos,

    Wow what an interesting blog! Like everyone else, I wondered how you got the name Chaos. I am very impressed that you are a bonfide Web designer! I would love to learn how to do that! I worked at an architectural firm and the guys always hogged the 3D software. I wanted to learn but they said they liked me doing the casework design. Men!……That is why I am so glad I am out of that place!

    I absolutely love RJ! It is the best site for everything romance! There are so many neat features, contests, etc. for the romance lover. Awesome job Chaos! A big hearty congratulations to you and your new book!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Sami Lee

    Great post Chaoscat.. I mean Samantha.. It was interesting to hear how RJ got started. It’s such a great review site, and it’s terrific that it offers so many free/cheap promo options for writers. The term ‘promotional budget’ pretty much doesn’t apply to me, most every little bit I earn goes back into buying supplies and other people’s books!

    Great blog.


  9. Cherie J

    Thanks for sharing your story. It was interesting to find out how it all started.

  10. Pamela S Thibodeaux

    What a wonderful way to make your and others dreams come true!

    Although RJ is a lot of work….it is something you should be proud of!

    Great post, Cat….and may God continue to bless the work of your hands and grant you the dreams in your heart!

  11. sextubeluck

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  12. Bigsexntube

    Excellent site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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  14. Charline

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