Every writer needs an impartial set of eyes and ears to give good feedback on a writing project. And finding the right editor isn’t easy. While one person may work for your peer, they may not work for you.

My experience with romantic and mystery fiction is extensive. I have over 20 years experience in fiction writing and editing, with a BA in English and attention to grammatical structure. I’ve worked with over a dozen editors in my own writing, so I know the difference between a good editor and a great editor. While adhering to correct grammar and spelling keeps a manuscript cleaning, an overzealous commitment to the rules can hamper the author’s voice and story, and I offer a balance which will keep the writing clear and engaging. I give valuable feedback for a reasonable rate, and a free consultation and sample pages to see if we’re the right fit for each other.

Services provided:

  • Query Letter construction
  • Blurb construction
  • Developmental (content) Edits
  • Copy Edits (the mechanics of spelling/grammar/punctuation)
  • Proofreading

What clients have to say:

“Query Queen editing is fast, efficient and has a knack for putting the sparkle into a blurb. Two thumbs up.” Kate Curran

“As a new writer I found Marie’s advice to be incisive, accurate, and to the point. I was too close to my work to see the problem, but she labelled it for me instantly and showed me how to correct it in a very user-friendly way. Her knowledge and experience helped to polish up my work enormously. She was very encouraging throughout the whole process and put her comments and corrections in a way which were easy to understand and apply going forward. Her reviewed blurb and cover letter was so much better than mine and she certainly helped me to pitch the book correctly too. I would strongly recommend Marie’s service to any new writer.”  Christine Anne Asbrey