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The Forever Girl

The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis

Maze Porter works as a bartender while taking night classes. She returns to Wildestone, California, for her foster sister/ best friend’s wedding. Being home brings back unwanted feelings and memories. It also forces Maze to be around Walker Scott, the man she foolishly let go. Will Maze finally put her emotional and mental demons to...

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The Wife He Needs

The Wife He Needs by Brenda Jackson

THE WIFE HE NEEDS: A BOSS EMPLOYEE VACATION ROMANCE is the first book in the WESTMORELAND LEGACY: THE OUTLAWS series. Don’t let the title fool you. Outlaw is the last name of Bart and his six offspring— all by different women! This is Garth’s (the eldest’s) story, though the rest of his siblings are woven...

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Feliz Naughty Dog

Feliz Naughty Dog by Roxanne St. Claire

Prudence Kilcannon Bancroft is the Dogfather’s granddaughter. She plans to spread holiday kindness with her friends for a county-wide contest. However, Prudence finds herself paired with the new kid instead. She and Lucas, along with his dog, accompany the Dogmothers to the mall. Mayhem follows them. Can Prudence and Lucas gain the necessary points for...

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Grace After Henry

Grace After Henry by Eithne Shortall

GRACE AFTER HENRY is women’s fiction and was not what I expected. The romance is between a partner and her beloved, who died in a tragic traffic accident while biking to meet her. From there we learn about their relationship through conversations she remembers. Grace is a mess, tries to distance herself from his parents,...

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