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Talk Bookish To Me

TALK BOOKISH TO ME is an amazing rom-com filled with angsty moments, emotional landmines, and a blooming romance. The star, Kara Sullivan, a pretty historical romance author, is in dire need of inspiration. She has a deadline looming and her creative juices are dried up. Her agent is on her case about getting her book...

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The Paris Connection

The Paris Connection by Lorraine Brown

Bubbly and savory, THE PARIS CONNECTION is a story about happenstance in the city of love. Riding on a train late at night, Hannah and her boyfriend, Simon, are on their way to Amsterdam, to help out with Simon’s sister’s wedding. Only, things don’t go as planned. When Hannah changes seats in the middle of...

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Love Scenes

Love Scenes by Bridget Morrissey

LOVE SCENES is full of raw emotions, real tender moments and an irresistible romance. It stars a stunning actress, Sloane Ford, who is currently unemployed after her hit TV series killed her off. Her famous family needles her into acting in a starring role in the current film they are shooting. She refuses but then...

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The Engagement Arrangement

The Engagement Arrangement by Jaci Burton

Brenna Bellini handles the wine and wine-making aspect of her family’s vineyard and wedding venue business. She agrees to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s upcoming wedding. However, the event requires her to be around her ex-husband and her nemesis for four days. She persuades Finn to pretend to be her fiancé for the occasion....

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