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Match Made In Paradise

Match Made in Paradise by Barbara Dunlop

Full of heart, irresistible and spicy, MATCH MADE IN PARADISE is a fantastic feel good story. Brawny, muscular pilot Silas Burke flies a lovely blonde babe into Alaska, home of wild animals, frigid temperatures and rugged terrain. What’s a supermodel doing hiding out in this neck of the woods? Silas has a hunch Mia is...

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Very Sincerely Yours

Very Sincerely Yours by Kerry Winfrey

VERY SINCERELY YOURS is a juicy rom-com at its best! The story stars a cute girl, Teddy Phillips, who works in a vintage toy shop and has no dream aspirations. She might be going on thirty but hey, it’s a job. Plus, her life is in the doldrums after her boyfriend unexpectedly asks her to...

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Love For Beginners

Love for Beginners by Jill Shalvis

Emma Harris is recovering from an accident that left her in a coma for two months. She desperately wants to get her life back on track. Emma gains a modicum of normalcy and independence thanks to her handsome physical trainer. When she fails to find employment, she agrees to a partnership with a childhood frenemy....

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The Gift of Hope (Unexpected Gifts)

The Gift of Hope by Kristen McKanagh

I am a fan of Amish stories, and THE GIFT OF HOPE, the first book in the UNEXPECTED GIFTS series, did not disappoint. The story is magical, well-described, with a wholesome romance and believable characters you want to root for. I loved this book! Hope and Aaron’s families have a history, and the families avoid...

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