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Romantic Suspense

Midnight Dunes

Midnight Dunes by Laura Griffin

In MIDNIGHT DUNES, the newest romantic thriller from NYT bestseller Laura Griffin, a woman’s body is found in the dunes during tourist season, and a filmmaker helps the local police solve a murder. The suspense is topnotch. The mystery keeps you guessing until the very end, but the romance lacked some, as we never really...

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Some Of It Was Real

SOME OF IT WAS REAL is a top notch, hook, line and sinker plot. It stars a pretty psychic/medium, Sylvie Young, who is an orphan and can’t remember her life before her adoptive parents. She is visited by a journalist, Thomas Holmes, who sets out to defraud her. Thomas is dealing with grief following a...

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Just Like Mother

Just Like Mother by Ann Heltzel

Ann Heltzel’s jaw-dropping thriller, JUST LIKE MOTHER, combines feminism, dysfunction, horror, and a cult! This is obviously not a romance, though it has some romantic elements. It’s a jarring thriller that will keep you glued to the pages, then rereading to capture that brilliant ending all over again.  Maeve grew up in a cult, but...

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Crosshairs by Patricia Bradley

Investigative Services Branch ranger Ainsley Beaumont has been sent to her hometown in the Natchez to investigate the murder of a young girl on park land. Ainsley has a great track record for solving violent crimes, but this was not how she wanted to come back to her childhood home. She also does not want...

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