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Romantic Suspense

Dial A For Aunties

DIAL A FOR AUNTIES is a madcap comic mystery starring Meddelin Chan, a pretty girl who unexpectedly zaps her blind date into oblivion. Her mother, along with her nosy, interfering Asian aunties fix things, sort of. Working around an Asian curse, the aunties sass back and forth, trying to outdo each other, as to the...

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A Kiwi Before Dying

A Kiwi Before Dying by Wendy Delaney

A KIWI BEFORE DYING by Wendy Delaney is book 8 in the Working Stiffs mystery series.  Charmaine (Char) Digby is a human lie detector—she can tell if someone is lying or telling the truth by reading their body language. She works for the district attorney’s office where they put her skills to work, but this...

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The Lady Has a Past

The Lady Has a Past by Amanda Quick

A historical romantic suspense that truly delivers, A LADY WITH A PAST is an engaging thrill ride from NYT bestseller Amanda Quick. Lyra Brazier has just moved to Burning Cove, CA, and is an apprentice investigator to the enigmatic Raina Kirk. Raina has taken a chance on her, and Lyra is both glad and determined...

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Deeper Than The Ocean

Deeper than the Ocean by Julie Ann Walker

Ray “Wolf” Roanhorse is a former Navy Seal. He and his Deep Six Salvage partners are searching for a specific sunken Spanish galleon. Wolf has always had a thing for Chrissy, but the woman-in-question wants to remain just friends. When she gets shot, he assigns himself as her caretaker. Wolf plans to use that time...

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