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Paranormal / Futuristic

Clockwork Victoria

Clockwork Victoria by Barbara Russell

Alexander, Earl of Grosvenor, is a British aristocrat born and living in Auckland, New Zealand. He is also a well-known steam-car racer. Alexander sets up an elaborate trap to capture the cat-burglar The Moth. He needs her expertise in obtaining his deceased partner’s stolen blueprints. Alexander finds himself conned into entering the tenth Auckland-Wellington race....

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How Not To Date A Fae (How Not To 2)

How Not to Date a Fae by Stephanie Burke

Ario was cast out of his home and his family but has managed to build a nice life for himself. He’s far away from his old life and happy alone in his forest. No magic, no stress, no fuss – until he meets a pixy named Merrick. Merrick drags him to a strange room full...

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Inferno by Donna Grant

Constantine, Con to his brethren and friends, is the Dragon King of the Golds and the King of the Dragon Kings. He intends to correct the many wrongs he has committed over the centuries. Con deeply regrets giving up his mate, and he plans to win her back. To draw out their mutual enemy, Con...

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Southern Bred and Dead

Verity Long is helping her gangster ghostly sidekick locate the person who killed him. She attends a church fundraiser only to find herself with a new investigation. However, the church’s spectral inhabitants are behaving strangely. Even worse, Verity’s relationship with Ellis is in trouble. What troubles will Frankie’s latest shenanigans cause Verity?  Can she successfully...

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