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Paranormal / Futuristic

Werewolves of London

Dr. Petra Robichaud is the chosen healer bandied about in the oracles’ prophecies. She has tried to move on after her breakup with Galen of Delphi, yet the demi-god returns to her MASH unit wounded. Petra must power through the last remaining prophecies if she wants lasting peace. However, the prophecies include a damaged dragon-shifter...

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Dark Wizard

Gabriel Phel is a self-taught wizard from a fallen house. He plans to restore his house to its formal prestige; however, he needs to obtain a familiar from a top-tier house. Gabriel gambles everything on Lady Veronica Elal. The haughty noblewoman opens his eyes to the atrocities in the wizard and familiar dynamics. Will Gabriel...

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Wild Sign (Alpha and Omega)

Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs is a master at creating tension while elevating relationships to new plateaus. She’s penned another winner with WILD SIGN, the sixth Alpha and Omega book. While the story can be read by itself, it helps to have read the previous books to see how the protagonists have grown into solid characters and companions....

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Lightning Game

Lightning Game by Christine Feehan

LIGHTNING GAME (a Ghostwalker novel) is the story of Rubin Campo and Jonquille, who are both Ghost Walkers wtih very special talents. Jonquille is like a lightning rod. Lightning finds her no matter where she hides, forcing her to stay away from others to keep them from dangerous lightning strikes. She doesn’t not want to...

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