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Girls Before Earls

Girls Before Earls by Anna Bennett

Gabriel “Blade” Beckett, Earl of Bladenton, searches for another finishing school to accept his rebellious niece. He needs her away from London for the summer, so he can properly court a potential bride without any problems. Blade offers a generous donation to Miss Lively’s school if she will take on his niece. The woman agrees,...

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A Perfect Equation

Ambitions are threatened and romantic sparks sizzle in, A PERFECT EQUATION, Ms. Everett’s third novel in The Secret Scientists Of London series. Athena’s Retreat is a haven where lady scientists safely experiment and invent, far from judgmental opinions in London society. Miss Letitia Fenley, a pretty, petite lady, and Viscount Greycliff, a determined, dashing man,...

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Gentleman Seeks Bride

GENTLEMAN SEEKS BRIDE is a saucy, delicious romance novel starring a devilish, dashing man, Thomas Sharpe, who searches for a rich bride to boost his sad state of affairs with his homestead. He goes to London to woo an heiress. Will he succeed? Lady Jane Capel is a beautiful lady who is need of lessons...

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The Scoundrel's Daughter

The Scoundrel's Daughter by Anne Gracie

THE SCOUNDREL’S DAUGHTER by Anne Gracie is the first book of the series, The Brides of Bellaire Gardens. Alice Paton, the widowed Countess of Charlton, is finally free of her rotten husband. After a year and a half, she has paid off his debts and is trying to live a quiet, inconspicuous life. A scoundrel...

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