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The Lady Gets Lucky

Heady chemistry sizzles between a ravishing rogue who teaches a timid lady how to turn temptress in Joanna Shupe’s new novel, THE LADY GETS LUCKY. Things must change fast, if bashful, beautiful, heiress Alice Lusk wants to snare a man of her own choosing. Her offensive, dominant mother utters an ultimatum that Alice must make...

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Girls Before Earls

GIRLS BEFORE EARLS is a flirtatious opposites-attract romance that is incredibly layered with angst-filled moments, grief, love, attraction, hi-jinks, and more. It stars a lovely lady, Hazel Lively, an orphan who loves books. She luckily grew up in a boarding school for girls. Hazel is optimistic, independent, and bravely starts an instructive school, Bellehaven Academy,...

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The Inheritance

The Inheritance by JoAnn Ross

THE INHERITANCE is a wonderfully written historical romance set in the present day with reminisces of the past (especially during WWII in France.) Tess, Charlotte, and Natalie are sisters who share a father but have different mothers, live in vastly different places living vastly different lives, and only meet after their father dies. His will...

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Honolulu by Alan Brennart

HONOLULU by Alan Brennert is a beautiful historical romance set in Honolulu in the early 1900s. The story is about a Korean girl named Jin who becomes a picture bride, pinning all her hopes and dreams on a new life in Hawaii. Unfortunately, her field worker husband is abusive, and she runs away to Honolulu....

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