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A Wicked Game

A Wicked Game by Kate Bateman

Captain Morgan Davies returns to London after being imprisoned by the enemy, thanks to an inaccurate map. He vows to find the cartographer responsible and make the man pay. Morgan...

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Cinderella and the Duke

Cinderalla and the Duke by Lydia Drake

Julia Beaumont is a penniless spinster, who desperately wants to escape servitude to her spiteful stepmother. She is determined to secure a potential husband at her friend’s ball. However, Julia...

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The Duke in Question

The Duke in Question by Amalie Howard

Lord Valentine Medford, the Duke of Thornbury, is a former agent of the Crown. He agrees to assist a fellow operative to apprehend the elusive rogue spy, Kestrel. Instead, Valentine...

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The Lady of Galway Manor

The Lady of Galway Manor by Jennifer Deibel

THE LADY OF GALWAY MANOR by Jennifer Deibel is a historical romance set in the early 1920s. The author gives the reader insight into both the interaction of the Irish...

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