A Grave Prediction

  • Author Victoria Laurie
  • Release Date July 26, 2016
  • Publisher NAL
  • ISBN/ASIN 0451473884
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Dottie

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Our Review

Besides her own cases in her private practice, professional psychic intuitive Abby Cooper is a consultant to the FBI, helping them on their cold cases. She is sent to San Diego to help train the agents to use their intuition. However, Abby is leery about going, knowing she will be met with skepticism by the agents there. Who should come to her rescue, but her best friend and business partner, private investigator Candace Fusco, who accompanies her, determined to have Abby’s back.

The doubt-filled agents are ready for her with dummy cases and though she wins some over with her insights, there are others determined not to believe her. Still this is nothing new for Abby. As she sets out to show them just what she can do, she is given a case involving a series of bank robberies. But when her sixth sense leads her to a tract of land under construction where she envisions the graves of four young girls, it turns out to be an ancient Indian burial ground. Still, this is enough to stop construction and upset the developers and make those at the local FBI office believe she has failed and let them down.

When the San Diego office suddenly releases her to return home, Abby and Candace decide to stay and do their own investigation of the bank robbery. Since Abby is rarely wrong, she figures the deaths are in the future and that they are connected to the ongoing bank robberies. If they keep digging, she may be able to stop the murders, if they can stay under the radar of an evil sociopath who is ready to kill again.

An entertaining whodunit, A GRAVE PREDICTION, the fourteenth novel in author Victoria Laurie’s PSYCHIC EYE MYSTERY series, is a clever, suspense-filled contemporary cozy novel that will intrigue readers. This time Abby and Candace are off on a road trip, so readers do not get to see as much of her hunky husband, Special Agent in Charge Dutch Rivers, or of Candace’s husband and Dutch’s boss, Brice, although they do make appearances throughout the novel. I definitely enjoy all of the characters in this series, but the pairing of Abby and Candace is a special treat. They play off each other so well. Still, their husbands add that extra spice, humor and depth that makes this collection so enticing. Abby’s husband Dutch is very understanding; he is supportive and always has her back.

In this story, Abby is forced to face not only skeptics, but her own character flaws and how others perceive her as well. Although I may have guessed at the villains early on, I enjoyed the way Abby and Candace worked it out, sometimes following leads that led nowhere, only to find another way to come at the problem.

I have enjoyed all of the books in this series and this one is no exception. Just seeing that a new installment has been released makes it a must read for me. Each book can be read as a standalone, but for further insight into the series as well as additional entertainment, I advise reading the entire collection. But why take my word for it; pick up a copy today and discover this suspense-filled series for yourself. I recommend this novel to fans of cozy mystery and to readers who enjoy stories involving psychics.

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