A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale

  • Author Karen Schaler
  • Release Date October 5, 2021
  • Publisher HawkTale Publishing
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781734766141
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Jo

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Our Review

A ROYAL CHRISTMAS FAIRY TALE is full of whimsy, magical moments, and all things Christmas. Kaylie, an investigative reporter in New York City, loses her job just when her career is taking off the way she’s always dreamed. She takes a freelance assignment offered by her old boss, not knowing the specifics, and she’s swept away to the small European country of Tolvania. When she learns the job entails all things Christmas (and Kaylie is known as Scrooge by friends and family), she tries to resist and head back home. But a snowstorm, a royal family, an enchanting small village, and a handsome prince derail her plans.

Kaylie and the prince don’t hit it off the first time they unexpectedly meet. The prince’s daughter is an adorable ten-year-old filled with energy who seems wise beyond her years. Her grandmother, the queen, is the force behind the family and wants Kaylie to stay, for more reasons than just the job. The relationship between the members of the royal family and the princess is enchanting, and the princess letting her guard down and behaving like a child adds to the feel-good aspect of the story.

The book is filled with Christmas traditions and events. Kaylie realizes she misses her Christmases spent with her own family. That adds another dimension to the story as she not only reminisces but also reconnects with them at the holidays. The descriptions of the castle and the village really put you in the holiday spirit, beautifully written and festive. 

The cover is exquisite and drew me in. I’ve read and enjoyed all the Christmas books written by this author and look forward to reading more. The recipes included in the back of the book are a nice touch, along with the activity of how to make snowflakes. If you’re a fan of Christmas-themed stories, give Karen Schaler’s books a try—if you haven’t already. A ROYAL CHRISTMAS FAIRY TALE is a winner!

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