• Author Roxanne St. Claire
  • Release Date October 31, 2017
  • Publisher South Street Publishing
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Adam Tucker is a former Coast Guard rescue swimmer. A failed rescue prompts him to accept his brother’s bet to transform a boathouse into a camp dormitory for troubled teens. Adam depends on an enigmatic interior designer to complete the project within the allotted time. Jadyn McAllister is not his usual type; however, her air of vulnerability arouses his rescue tendencies. Will Adam complete the boathouse before the summer season? Can he rescue Jadyn from the danger she’s in?

Jadyn McAllister, also known as Jane McAllen, is in temporary hiding. She picks Eagle’s Ridge, a small military town in Washington, to disappear into. When her funds run low, Jane seeks out employment. She reluctantly agrees to help Adam Tucker transform his boathouse into a place for troubled youths. Adam’s magnetism threatens Jane’s ‘trust no one’ rule. Can Eagle’s Ridge persuade Jane to stay once the danger has passed? Or will she bring the danger to Eagle’s Ridge?

Adam is such a sweetheart. He is a man haunted by a past failure that shakes his confidence. Adam is persistent and tenacious without compromising his principles or giving up on what he feels so strongly on. I like how Adam takes that traumatic experience and allows it to motivate him to make a place for troubled kids, despite the monetary expense. Jane helps him come to grips with not only his past failure but his emotional issues. But what I love about Adam is how he encourages Jane not to cover up her natural beauty with cosmetics.

Jane is an easy heroine to like and relate to. She just cannot let go of the past, until Adam and Eagle’s Ridge. Jane discovers a kindred spirit in Adam. They both have abandonment and trust issues due to their mothers. I like the process Jane undergoes with each place she decorates. Instead of throwing money around, she prefers to adhere to the room or place’s personality and release its voice. But, what I like most about Jane is how enchanted she becomes to Eagle’s Ridge and its rustic charms.

ADAM is book two in a multi-author collaborative series, 7 BRIDES FOR 7 SOLDIERS. This story can be read alone. The characters from the other six books either make an appearance or are mentioned. Unfortunately, I have not read the other six stories.

ADAM is a sweet tale of two people overcoming their emotional issues to learn to trust and love. Roxanne St. Claire always writes such passionately sweet stories.

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