Adult Assembly Required

  • Author Abbi Waxman
  • Release Date May 17, 2022
  • Publisher Berkley
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780593198766/‎‎B09CYHV683
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

ADULT ASSEMBLY REQUIRED is a delightful return to L.A.’s Larchmont neighborhood starring Nina Hill of, The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill, book one fame. This time around Laura Costello ditches her suffocating fiancé’ and over-bearing parents to pursue a career in the field of physical therapy. After a debilitating car accident left her traumatized and learning how to walk again, she moves to L.A, in the hopes of forging a new life, go to grad school and heal her mind, body and spirit. Her science-oriented family aren’t happy about her chosen occupation along with her ex-fiancé’. It’s her life, she is an adult and it’s her prerogative to decide what she wants to do. Within days of living in L.A., her apartment complex catches on fire. Sorely crestfallen, she is currently without digs and her belongings. What is she going to do?

Fate plants Laura at the right place and time. After walking through town to sooth her soul, she gets caught in a rainstorm. She bursts into the warm haven of a bookstore and meets Nina and Polly. Laura hesitantly shares her dilemma and Polly finagles a room at a beautiful old house, where she and Nina live. It is owned by a lovely older lady named Maggie. Laura is introduced to Bob who lives there also. Bob catches Laura’s eye, as he is outrageously handsome. Although, Laura is determined to focus on grad school and adapting to life on her own. She becomes good friends with Maggie, Nina, Polly and Bob. She is encouraged by their kindness and encouragement to slowly overcome her panic attacks about being in a car. Laura shyly enters a friendship with Bob who only has eyes for her. They develop intense feelings for one another, but remain on friend terms only. Everyone in the house can see how attracted they are to one another. Will they ever take the next step, date and become a couple?

ADULT ASSEMBLY REQUIRED is charming, gratifying and engaging. I loved every single character and their eccentricities. It was like walking into a bar where everyone knows your name! The story puts you at ease from the first page reading about the obstacles Laura has to overcome. This story is beautifully light, fluid, witty, funny, with many deep conversations. Laura’s new close friends help her recover and find inner strength along the way, with a burgeoning romance with a handsome hunk at its core. Ms. Waxman’s delightful new story warmed my heart thoroughly. ADULT ASSEMBLY REQUIRED is totally irresistible!

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