Baby I’m Howling For You

  • Author Christine Warren
  • Release Date January 30, 2018
  • Publisher St. Martin's Press
  • ISBN/ASIN 978-1250120724
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Angel Brewer

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Our Review

Christine Warren pens another exciting paranormal tale that puts together an alpha male and his mate. What happens when you combine a secluded little town, an alpha wolf and a woman on the run? The answers can be found in BABY, I’M HOWLING FOR YOU.

Renny Landry is a female wolf shifter who has come to the small isolated town of Alpha because she is running from someone. A coyote has set his sights on her and is not willing to take no for an answer. Renny’s only defense is to run and try to hide. Never in a million years did she expect to meet Mick or that he would so fiercely protect her from the coyote and his evil pack.

Mick Fisher thought that he could live a quiet life in Alpha. However, when he comes across Renny on his property, he can’t help but try to save her. Renny has herself a stalker in the form of a coyote that will stop at nothing to have her. Mick never dreamed of having a mate but knows Renny is everything he would ever want in one. Now Mick must fight to keep Renny safe because she’s the one for him.

Readers who are familiar with Christine Warren’s paranormal books will be able to add this one to the collection. Mick, your classic alpha male/wolf, has that arrogant attitude that makes you want to scream at times. Renny is his exact opposite and just what he needs. Together the two are dynamite. The plot is an old one, but Christine Warren finds ways to make it interesting and keep the reader turning the pages. I enjoyed reading BABY I’M HOWLING FOR YOU and think that Christine Warren will please her current fans and gain some new ones with this paranormal tale.

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