Barefoot in the Dark

  • Author Suzanne Enoch
  • Release Date August 14, 2018
  • Publisher NYLA
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781641970365
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

BAREFOOT IN THE DARK is book six in Suzanne Enoch’s romantic suspense series, SAMANTHA JELLICO. I am ecstatic the author returned to this dynamic duo because I have always enjoyed Sam and Rick’s misadventures. It felt like being reacquainted with long-lost friends again. The story picks up a couple weeks after A TOUCH OF MINX, book five. Also, situations from TWICE THE TEMPTATION, book four, are mentioned throughout the book, so it is necessary to read the prior books.

Richard “Rick” Addison, Marquis of Rawley, is a rich and successful entrepreneur. He suggests a holiday to help Samantha escape the pressures of the press. Rick faces the circumstances of neglecting not only his relatives but his Scottish holdings too. Things gets complicated when Sam learns about a highwayman’s rumored treasure. Rick tries to dissuade both his fiancé and his cousin from pursuing it. Will the treasure jeopardize Rick’s relationship with Sam?

Former cat burglar Samantha “Sam” Jellicoe is engaged to her modern day marquis. She jumps at the chance to escape the paparazzi’s attention. Sam finds herself at a dilapidated castle in a remote area of Scotland with spotty electricity and no internet. Not only does she meet Rick’s upper crust family, but Sam learns about a mysterious highwayman’s treasure and cannot resist solving the two-hundred-fifty-year-old mystery. Can Sam find the elusive treasure before Rick’s cousin does?

Rick is Samantha’s perfect counterpart. They balance each other’s unique eccentricities nicely. I adore Rick’s level of trust with Sam, especially after the fiasco he endured with his first wife and best friend. He knows Samantha has no interest in his lofty title or his wealth. But what I admire the most about Rick is how he finally accepts the fact he will never control Sam. That he enjoys how she marches to her own tune, regardless sometimes of the circumstances.

Samantha has always been such an entertaining heroine. I love her wily and snarky personality. Sam is trying to navigate her new “straight and narrow” path. I adore how Samantha can call Rick out whenever he’s being obtuse or stubborn about certain things. What I like the most about Sam is how she helps mend the rift between Rick and his relatives. She may not have family; however, she understands a family’s importance to its members.

BAREFOOT IN THE DARK is well worth the decade-long wait. I hope this is not the end of Sam and Rick’s adventures. I cannot wait to read more of their escapades.

A Recommended Read

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