Beautiful Tempest

  • Author Johanna Lindsey
  • Release Date August 11, 2017
  • Publisher Gallery / Simon & Schuster
  • ISBN/ASIN 1501162187
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Captain Damon Reeves is the son of English parents who lived on Jamaica. He holds James Malory, aka Captain Hawk, responsible for his mother’s disappearance. Damon succeeds in abducting the spirited Jacqueline Malory a second time. With the hoyden and her brother captive, he sails straight to the Caribbean to confront their notorious father. Between their dynamic interactions and fighting evil pirates, the voyage proves eventful. Will Damon learn the truth behind his mother’s disappearance? What lengths will he go to keep the feisty spitfire?

Lady Jacqueline “Jack” Malory is the only daughter of James Malory, Viscount of Ryding and black sheep of his aristocratic family, with his American wife Georgina. She cannot forget the handsome blackguard who abducted her. Jack encounters a mysterious male at a masquerade ball who piques her interest. She soon deduces her enigmatic suitor is actually her former kidnapper. Jack lays a trap to capture the elusive male with the help of her older brother; however, they fall into Damon’s clutches. Can Jack resist Damon long enough to learn the reason behind his dislike of her father? Or will she become an unwilling pawn to her father’s demise?

Damon is the perfect counterbalance for Jack’s bold impetuousness. He grounds her hotheadedness and recklessness. I love how he is more amused by Jack’s unladylike demeanor than put off by her brashness. Damon’s familiarity with James Malory helps Damon anticipate Jack’s outlandish whims and behavior. I like how he is tied to James’s past, especially his pirate days. But, what I adore the most about Damon is how he is not intimidated by James, like the rest of the ton and Jack’s suitors are.

Jack is everything I had hoped she would grow up to be. She is a headstrong and tenacious woman who takes what she wants without a care for the consequences. I love how Jack is a feminine version of her roguish father James Malory, from GENTLE ROGUE, book three in the series. Jack proves throughout the story that she is a small force to reckon with. I like how she shares her father’s same droll personality and the usage of the same expletive.

BEAUTIFUL TEMPEST is book twelve in Johanna Lindsey’s iconic historical romance series, MALORY FAMILY. This story makes me nostalgic for the earlier books in the series. Unfortunately, I have only read part of the prior book, STORMY PERSUASION, where Jack first encounters Damon. I may have to go back and finish the book. I love how former characters from the previous books make random appearances throughout the story, including Percy.

BEAUTIFUL TEMPEST lives up to what is expected of a Malory book. This story is such a nice blast from the past, reminding me why I enjoyed reading about this family as a teenager. I hope the author considers writing a story for Lord Percy, especially if she pairs him up with either a Malory or one of Jack’s older Anderson cousins.

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