• Author Roxanne St. Claire
  • Release Date September 4, 2019
  • Publisher South Street Publishing
  • ISBN/ASIN 978-1733912136
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Brock Blackthorne’s job is to protect and enhance Blackthorne Enterprises’ brand. During a thunderstorm, he encounters a beautiful, blonde-haired stranger. Brock discovers his one-night stand is the biographer sent to write a book about his successful family. Unwilling to part with Jenna, he agrees to her biography but with one major stipulation. When rumors about a stolen recipe resurfaces, Brock helps in Jenna’s investigation, only to settle the rumor for good. Can Brock and Jenna disprove the rumor? Will Blackthorne secrets stand in the way of their relationship?

Jenna Gillespie is the only child of an acclaimed investigative journalist and New York Times’ former editor in chief. She wants to salvage her career by writing an authorized biography about the Blackthorne family. To her surprise, Jenna learns the scruffily attractive man she spent the night with is Brock Blackthorne. She is not about to let Brock stand in the way of writing her book. Jenna decides to investigate the rumors behind the Blackthorne’s popular whisky recipe. Will Jenna’s biography unearth unnecessary family secrets? Can she help Brock put the rumor to rest?

Brock is an utter sweetheart. I love how he has a laid-back side. Brock is not afraid to be seen looking scruffy, especially when he is away from work. He is not the type of man who must always wear designer labels, thanks to his family’s success. I like how Brock never once ridicules Jenna over her phobia of storms. Instead, he sympathizes with her and tries to help her overcome it. What I adore the most about Brock is his steadfast dedication and pride in his family lineage. There are times when he comes across too obsessive in maintaining the Blackthorne reputation.

Jenna is such an amazing and inspiration character. I admire her steadfast determination not to ride on her parents’ fame. Jenna would rather be recognized and acknowledged for her own talent than who she is related to. I like how she reciprocates Brock’s favor by helping him with his acrophobia. When his fear gets the best of him, she calmly talks him through the worst of it. What I like the most about Jenna is her work ethic. No matter how much Brock tempts her, she stands firm about not mixing business with pleasure. Jenna also refuses to lower herself down to her publisher’s level by writing something derogative about the Blackthorne family.

BROCK is book five in a multi-author collaborative series, 7 BRIDES FOR 7 BLACKTHORNES. Since I have not read the previous four books, I could not escape the feeling that I missed something important. However, that did not hinder my ability to follow the story. Couples from the prior books make an appearance in the story or are mentioned.

BROCK is a sweet and romantic tale of two people’s chance encounter and where their mutual attraction leads them. I really like the light mystery the author subtly wove into the story. It tempts me to delve into the other seven books.

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