Cajun Persuasion

  • Author Sandra Hill
  • Release Date June 26, 2018
  • Publisher Harper Collins
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by BPoston

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Our Review

CAJUN PERSUASION is the third book featuring the amazing, crazy, notorious Tante Lulu, head of the LeDeux family. This woman made me laugh so hard, my sides hurt.  What a wonderful character.

Aaron LeDeux and his brother left Alaska for Louisiana to learn about their mother’s side of the family. Aaron really did not plan on staying but got a job as a pilot and bought a plantation to renovate with his brother. Somehow his Cajun roots are taking hold, and he’s finding it harder and harder to want to leave the steamy bayous that surround him. He gets caught up in helping to rescue victims of a sex trafficking ring and meets the woman of his dreams. However, she wants nothing to do with men—him in particular.

Fleur Gaudet’s childhood was horrible. Beaten by her father, kidnapped, abused, and forced to work as a prostitute in her teen years, she knew only fear until she was rescued. She spent several years in a nunnery and began working with the nuns (who saved her) to rescue other young victims of sex trafficking. Fleur kept putting off taking her final vows and was told to go out in the real world to figure out what she really wants. Enter Tante Lulu.

Tante Lulu practices folk medicine. She uses the natural ingredients she harvests from the swamps to heal those who are sick or injured. Tante wants someone to document her folk healing recipes and help her write her biography. Having Fleur help her will give her a chance to work her magic—to bring Aaron and Fleur together.

With the help of Tante Lulu and the LeDeux family, Aaron and Fleur travel on a path to finding love. CAJUN PERSUASION has lots of humor with funny and memorable characters. It also makes me want head to Louisiana and visit the magical world of the bayous. What a fun read!

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