Cody's Come Home

  • Author Mary Sullivan
  • Release Date April 1, 2016
  • Publisher HQN
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780373609550
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Diana S

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Our Review

Cody Jordan has just moved back to Accord, Colorado, after the death of his son and his divorce. Cody is asleep when he is awakened by a banging on the door. He is confused about where he is, but finally gets his mind clear enough to go downstairs to see who is there. What he finds isn’t good.

Aiyana “Ai” Pearce is taking nature photos, in the national park close to Accord, when a shot rings out and a bullet grazes her arm. Thinking it is just a careless hunter, she continues walking through the woods. When another shot is fired and ricochets off the tree by her head, she knows she is being shot at. Ai scrambles up to the upper trail to get away but hits a washed out place in the dark and falls into a ravine. Bruised and battered, she tries to get up but one of her ankles is caught between two boulders and she can’t move. This isn’t where she wants to spend her night, but she has no choice and knows her father will come looking for her at daylight.

Cody and his parents, along with Ai’s parents set out at daybreak to find her. Cody takes a trail by himself through a little used part of the woods to see if Ai is hurt and unable to call for help. When Cody finds Ai and realizes she is hurt and cold, he carries her out of the ravine to higher ground. Someone shoots at Ai and Cody so they crawl the last few feet to safety. No one understands who would shoot at Ai until some other strange things start happening around town as well.

This story is about two friends, Cody and Aiyana, who have lost their way after leaving town to find a life of their own. Getting back to their friendship, then finding more while helping each other heal is a story that everyone can enjoy and learn from. MARY SULLIVAN has written a story of redemption and two lost souls who heal each other. I suggest this novel to anyone who enjoys a feel-good story of love, hope and redemption.

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