Double Dog Dare

  • Author Roxanne St. Claire
  • Release Date August 9, 2018
  • Publisher South Street Publishing
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Joshua “Josh” Ranier runs his own property renovation business. He moves to Bitter Bark to distance himself from his stepfamily and his ex-girlfriend. Josh vows to never trust in or fall in love with another woman. However, his pretty, new tenant forces Josh to rethink his hastily-made pledge. When his ex-girlfriend saddles him with a blind dog, Josh swallows his pride and asks Darcy Kilcannon for help. Can Darcy help Josh learn to trust again? Or will he keep their relationship strictly friends with dogs? Will Stella regain her eyesight?

Darcy Kilcannon is the youngest of the Dogfather’s six children. She intends to thwart her father’s matchmaking and to become an independent person. Darcy plans to open a dog grooming business outside her family’s canine facility. When she discovers a “no pets” rule at her new apartment, Darcy confronts her hunky landlord. She offers to help Josh with his blind dog, so she can live with her beloved dog. Will Josh threaten Darcy’s independence? Can she help Josh overcome his deep-seeded issues with his stepfamily?

Josh is a stickler for rules. I adore how he’s willing to bend or break those rules for Stella’s health and safety. I admire Josh’s refusal to lie to anyone, especially to the Dogfather. It shows that he is a man of integrity. But what I like the most about Josh is how he does not resent the Kilcannon’s for their familial unity. Through the Kilcannons, Josh finally sees how a true family should behave and interact.

Darcy is Josh’s opposite. She is a free spirit who marches to her own tune. I love Darcy and Molly’s closeness, the ease in which Darcy can unburden all her woes to her sister without fear or recrimination. She may not agree or like Molly’s advice sometimes, but she still listens to them. I adore Darcy’s empathy for Stella and the other dogs undergoing the experimental treatment to cure their blindness. But, what I like the most about Darcy is how she tries to help Josh confront and accept his issues with his stepfamily.

DOUBLE DOG DARE is book six in Roxanne St. Claire’s canine-contemporary series, THE DOGFATHER. I absolutely love that the author included a dachshund in the story. It plays a small part, but its appearance in the book made me squee in happiness.

DOUBLE DOG DARE is a heart-and-soul warming tale of finding familial acceptance. I am sad that this delightful series is nearly done, but happy that the author plans to write a spin-off with the Mahoney cousins. I cannot wait for the Dogfather’s book!

A recommended read.

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