Enjoy The View

  • Author Sarah Morgenthaler
  • Release Date January 19, 2021
  • Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781728226316/B088P7C6W2
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

ENJOY THE VIEW is an uplifting, totally gripping and ravishing romance. What’s more, a misguided marmot is thrown in for good measure. Hang on for an adventurous, amusing ride!

River Lane, a gorgeous, energetic actress and film producer, corrals her best friends and business partners, Bree and Jessie, into filming a documentary in Moose Springs, Alaska. With a downturn in her acting aspects, she turns to producing, hoping to ignite her career. While in Alaska, she doesn’t expect, that the town shuns them and declines them a permit to film. What to do next?

Enter grumpy, gigantic, Easton Lockett, ruggedly sexy mountaineer. He is the town’s requisite tour guide. River hires him to take them up magnificent Mount Veil. Romance brews, simmers and sizzles all the way up and down the mountainside. River and Easton are one hot commodity! River’s past relationships left her scarred and searching for that elusive spark. Does she find it with Easton?

While climbing Mount Veil, they encounter harrowing temperatures, slippery slopes, jaw-dropping scenery and much more. Does River and her crew capture an honest-to-goodness, heart-stopping documentary or does the climb claim their hearts, actually revealing the true essence to life?

ENJOY THE VIEW is a classy, masterful, thrill ride! A big, hot mountain climber, Easton Lockett, guides a film crew, River Lane and her partners, up a magnificent mountain, in the hopes of documenting the beautiful scenery of Alaska. Romance, danger, life-altering events, humor and heart combine in this spectacular, spicily seasoned, saucy, scary story. The author expertly details the dangers of climbing mountains and all the unexpected pitfalls that can happen. Loved the divine one-liners, the crusty characters and the warm family atmosphere that cast a spell on me while reading. This book is a keeper for sure! The plot is angst-filled, suspenseful, with a ravishing romance at its core. The author smartly delivers an exquisitely honest story about discovering your inner desires and where they can take you. Ms. Morgenthaler also added an adorable marmot who almost stole the show. ENJOY THE VIEW is like a luscious chocolate bar. Divinely delicious and decadently dangerous!

A recommended read!

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