Every Little Thing - Butler, Vermont #1

  • Author Marie Force
  • Release Date February 14, 2017
  • Publisher HTJB, Inc.
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781946136053
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Jo

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Our Review

I was excited to receive an ARC of EVERY LITTLE THING (BUTLER, VERMONT SERIES #1) from the author, which took me back to Vermont where Marie Force’s GREEN MOUNTAIN SERIES left off. Reuniting with the Abbott siblings, their parents, their grandfather, spouses and pets, as well as their cousins, the Colemans, felt like I was coming home.  

The story was set up nicely with a prologue from the last book that brought me right up to speed. This is Emma and Grayson’s story, along with her daughter, Simone, but it included everyone we’ve met throughout the series and caught us up on everyone’s lives. Not easy to do with ten siblings and eight cousins. There is plenty of romance to go around, along with sibling rivalry, dilemmas, illnesses, and even Fred the Moose is back!

Linc, the Abbotts’ dad, and their grandfather, Elmer, are up to their matchmaking tricks once again, but they are not as vested in this romance as they have been in some of the others, or are they?

This is a multi-generational story with lots of love, affection, get-togethers, traditions, and the great outdoors along with hard work, support, and loving. There are multiple stories going on, but they were easy to follow and built on each other. There was a nice flow to the story and multifaceted characters that I’m still getting to know. Emma and Grayson confide some of their deepest secrets and disappointments almost as soon as they meet because they have that special feeling for the other and know they can trust each other unconditionally. Their feelings are right out of a romance novel, at least in Emma’s eyes, and she didn’t believe anyone really had those feelings in real life. Watching them get closer and seeing how Grayson included Simone in their activities was heartwarming. Emma and Simone seem like they belong in the Abbott family almost from the start.

Each chapter begins with a meaningful quote that helped set the stage. There are some steamy moments that really cemented Emma and Grayson’s feelings for each other. The story had nice closure, some happily-ever-afters along with enough loose ends, even with the epilogue, to leave me wanting more. I’m anxiously anticipating the next book in the series, HERE COMES THE SUN.  

Force has become one of my favorite authors. I devour her books when they come out and always look forward to reading more.  Another five star read!


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