Falling For You...Again

  • Author Kate Curran
  • Release Date January 25, 2014
  • Publisher CreateSpace
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781495334641
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Jo

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Our Review

FALLING FOR YOU…AGAIN , in the FALLING IN LOVE series by Kate Curran, was a quick read and had me turning the pages to see what would happen next. There were so many adventures in the mountains and at the lake, all set in or around Paradise Falls, Idaho. The vivid descriptions of the land, mountains, wild animals and lake made me feel like I was there.

Clare and Ethan come from vastly different backgrounds but fell in love the moment they met–even though she was hanging upside-down from a tree while taking photographs and he was on a field-trip to the outdoors with his students. She’s an outdoor photographer; he’s a science teacher. Their life seems idyllic when it’s just the two of them, but when their parents are part of the equation things aren’t always fun and games. Throw three children, a dog, and a cat into the mix and things are pretty hectic.  When tragedy strikes, Clare and Ethan aren’t there to support each other. Will their love be able to get them through?

There are twists and turns to this story, which is told in the present and in flashbacks to the past. Things happening in their lives today trigger memories, including how much they loved each other and why. Will they be able to recapture that love, especially the way they’ve acted toward each other for the last two years?

The characters all had a depth to them, and some were crying out for help. I liked the way that Clare and Ethan’s parents were portrayed and how they were able to come to grips with the ways they’ve acted in the past and tried to change. Having Clare and Ethan’s daughter, Grace, woven throughout the story was both unexpected and believable. Bailey and Ballistic, the family dog and cat, both rescues, were nice additions as well. There is a happily-ever-after that I didn’t expect, and it gave me the closure I was looking for.  

Curran is a new-to-me author, and I look forward to reading more of her books, especially if her books are of this caliber of writing.

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