Flame - Dark Kings series

  • Author Donna Grant
  • Release Date June 30, 2020
  • Publisher St. Marin’s Press
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Cain is the Dragon King of the Navies. He intercepts an urgent email offering help from an anonymous source. Cain offers to investigate their mysterious ally to see if she is legit or not. He offers Noreen protection for the information she carries. When the truth about her comes out, Cain feels conflicted between his mate and his brethren. Who will Cain choose? And will Noreen’s information prove beneficial against the Others?

Noreen is a Dark Fae. She is also a member of the Others, a group of dark and light Fae and good and evil druids. Noreen risks everything to provide the Dragon Kings with vital information about the Others. She never anticipated losing her heart to one. Noreen realizes everything she once believed turns out to be a lie. Can Noreen escape the Others? Or will she inevitably lead the Dragon Kings to their destruction?

Cain has this attitude that I enjoy reading. He is not quick to judge, nor does he take things with a grain of salt. Instead, he relies on body language and other tells to gauge the truth. I like Cain’s willingness to trust Noreen and her word. He has good reasons for distrusting humans and the Dark Fae, yet he still gives Noreen the benefit of the doubt. What I adore the most about Cain is how he refuses to abandon Noreen, even after she gives him the information he needs. He understands that she sacrificed everything to help his brethren in their upcoming war.

Noreen intrigued me from the beginning. She is no fighter, nor is she a coward. Her skill set is more with her words and mind. I like how Noreen refuses to endanger Dreagan and its inhabitants with her presence. She understands what they have already been through and wishes to spare them more harm. What I admire the most about Noreen is the inner strength it took to admit her betrayal. She knew coming clean to Cain would jeopardize their relationship; however, she no longer wanted to keep secrets from him.

FLAME is book seventeen in Donna Grant’s paranormal series, DARK KINGS. It is essential to read the previous books and novellas to understand the full situation. The plot is ongoing. I love how the author finally delves into the enigmatic Others, especially the leader and her ultimate agenda. Some questions are answered while new ones arise.

FLAME is an enthralling enemies-to-lovers tale. The author continues to shroud Rhi and Con’s mates in mystery. I cannot wait to see who she plans to write next. I hope it is Henry and Melisse.

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