Four Aunties and a Wedding

  • Author Jesse Q. Sutanto
  • Release Date March 29, 2022
  • Publisher Berkley
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780593333051
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

Hilarious hijinks and manic mayhem rule the day in this sequel, FOUR AUNTIES AND A WEDDING. This time around Meddy Chan, bumbling beauty, is marrying her sweetie, Nathan, in England. She wants her family to enjoy themselves at her wedding, so she hires a wedding planner vendor. Meddy jives with Staphanie and her family is loony just like hers. Meddy relaxes, dreaming of her perfect wedding. Nothing will go wrong, right?

Only, everything goes wrong. Meddy and aunties are running interference, covering up the fact that Staphanie and her family are mafia and ordered a hit on someone. The aunties rule the roost, dive in and save the day! Nathan is concerned but Meddy irons out the wrinkles, so to speak. With everything going down hill, will Meddy’s perfect day be ruined?

FOUR AUNTIES AND A WEDDING is intoxicating, risky and a total hoot! Meddy and family are at it again dealing with pesky problems, hiding evidence, blabbing lies, and more in Ms. Sutanto’s hilarious new story. There are debatable decisions, stress-filled moments, slapstick humor and more. Meddy’s fiancĂ© Nathan is supportive and understanding, but there is a limit to how far his patience will go. He knows something is up, but the question is what? I almost got whiplash as Meddy, the aunties and ma, race around trying to fix everything. Oh boy, this book is a doozy! Totally off-the-wall fun with many surprises thrown in. Ms. Sutanto is a master at Lucy Ricardo moments. I laughed so hard at the aunties antics who completely steal the show! Go ahead and indulge with FOUR AUNTIES AND A WEDDING. It’s a laugh-a-minute, sudsy bubble, escapist fare!

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