Healing A Heart, A Cattle Creek Novel, Book 2

  • Author Amy Lillard
  • Release Date February 7, 2017
  • Publisher Berkley
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781101990957/B01FEY5BNM
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

Matters of the heart are a tricky thing. In HEALING A HEART, Jake Langston, a ruggedly, handsome cowboy, is shocked when he sees the girl from the one night fling he had about four months ago in his driveway. Bryn Talbot has important news to share with Jake. She hesitantly delivers it but it doesn’t go over well with him. Jake has suffered an unspeakable loss in his life, and Bryn has as well. Neither one of them are ready for love again. However, Jake’s mother and grandma have other plans. When they hear Bryn’s announcement, they accept her into their home with open arms. If only Jake and Bryn were as openly receptive with one another as well. Only time will tell.

Jake and Bryn’s insecurities cause them plenty of problems. However, the impulsive Langston family work their magic on their relationship. Especially, Jake’s young daughter, lively Wesley who innocently charms Bryn, melting her heart in the process. Bryn needs to go back home but is torn on what to do. Does Bryn leave? Can Jake convince her to stay?

HEALING A HEART is a rich, epic love tale of broken hearts and relationship issues. The rich familial bond, the lush scenic country and the exquisite love formed under the most unexpected of circumstances adds to the drama of this sensational story. The plot involves a pretty lady, Bryn who delivers a big surprise to smokin’ hot cowpoke, Jake Langston. His family asks her to stay, so she can get to know them better. The author, Ms. Lillard, squeezes a gentle passion into each of the characters making them seem real. I was immediately won over by the whole lot of them. There is humor, heartfelt emotions and a plot so rich with love, it will bring tears to your eyes. HEALING A HEART is a beautiful tapestry of emotions and colors, just like in a rainbow. Perfect!

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