His Cowboy Heart

  • Author Jennifer Ryan
  • Release Date February 21, 2017
  • Publisher Avon Books
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780062435415
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Jo

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Our Review

HIS COWBOY HEART by Jennifer Ryan was an emotional read and I never looked back from the first page to the last. This is the sixth book in the MONTANA MEN SERIES but the first one I’ve read. I’ve added the first five books in the series, AT WOLF’S RANCH, WHEN IT’S RIGHT, HER LUCKY COWBOY, STONE COLD COWBOY, and HER RENEGADE COWBOY to my TBR pile so I can read more about these Montana men!

There was a lot of darkness to the story due to Jamie’s PTSD after her eleven years in the army overseas. She’s severely injured, and the army is still trying to figure out exactly what happened when she and her group were ambushed and everyone except her and Tobin died. She returns home to Montana but has issues there as well. Her mother, who has never been loving or caring, is always harping on her. Her brother, ¬†who is a single dad, and his son are living with their mom, so he can only do so much to help her. Her first love, Ford, still lives in town. He’s living on his sister-in-law’s ranch and trying to make a go of it for them and is blindsided when Jamie returns.

They still have feelings for each other, but it’s one step forward and many steps back to get her in a good place. It also takes a while for them to realize their feelings for each other haven’t changed. His caring was a balm to her soul, his tenderness and his focus always on Jamie and her needs.

Tobin, one of her best friends from her army days, keeps trying to contact her, but she doesn’t want to take his calls. He’s a piece of work and has his own agenda. I got bad vibes from him from the start, even when he wasn’t in Montana. And it only got worse when he did show up.

There was so much feeling and caring in the story between Ford, his brothers, their wives and his grandfather, as well as for Jamie and her brother and nephew. ¬†Amidst the darkness of Jamie’s PTSD, there was a lot of love. There was wonderful closure, though the author hinted we’d visit them again–and I for one hope so. There were happily-ever-afters, as well as a wonderful prologue that set the stage for the story to begin with, and the epilogue tied everything together but left some loose ends for future stories. I loved the complexity of the characters and how multiple stories going on at the same time had tentacles in the others.

Jennifer Ryan is a new-to-me author. I will be reading not only the stories in this series but many more of her books. I don’t know how I missed her books for so long!

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