How To Train Your Earl

  • Author Amelia Grey
  • Release Date April 27, 2021
  • Publisher St. Martin's Paperbacks
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781250218803
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR EARL is filled with clever dialogue, powerful emotions, strong characters and an amazing hard won romance. This is the last book of the First Comes Love series and Brina Feld stars in this last installment. A stunning lady, Brina is a widow, happy with her life and devoted to helping those less fortunate than her. She attends a masquerade in Paris, against her better judgment, thanks to her persuasive aunt. While fleeing from a grappling drunken man, she locks herself in a room only to find a gorgeous man tied to a chair. At his urgent request to untie him, he spontaneously kisses her and tingles of attraction awakens Brina’s heart. Drat! Brina has sworn off men, now this brawny man has woken feelings in her she wants left buried.

Zane, eighth Earl of Blacknight, inherits the title of Earl after a shocking accident kills three members of his family. Zane is an admitted rogue and is now responsible for an earldom. He is best-known for his carousing, drinking, card playing, and bad behavior. His uncles urge him to buckle down and set an example, by taking a wife. What can he do but make a debatable wager at his club that he will win the hand of beautiful, biddable Brina before the season is over. There’s no question he is enchanted by her. However, Brina bets that he can’t give up his roguish ways. All bets are on! Can Zane win Brina’s trust? Will Brina fall in love with the irresistible rogue?

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR EARL is downright delicious! It stars widowed Brina Feld, a devoted do-gooder, and rakish, romeo, Zane, Earl of Blacknight. They have an undeniable sizzling chemistry when they are together. Zane is pushed into responsibility for his family and earldom. He is urged to claim a wife for respectability appearances by his domineering uncles. Wagers are placed on whether Zane can win the hand of Brina before the season is over. This is a phenomenal story with immense drama, anticipation, and a lot of heart. There are subplots galore with many challenging characters. Ms. Grey writes in such a way that she brings every scene to life. I absolutely loved everything about this book! Inventive, entertaining and charming, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR EARL is a sure fire winner!

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