Husband Material

  • Author Emily Belden
  • Release Date December 30, 2019
  • Publisher Graydon House
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781525805981
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

Author, Emily Belden takes us on a journey of self-discovery that is deeply insightful, enlightening, and intensely moving in her new novel called, HUSBAND MATERIAL. It stars Charlotte Rosen, who hides the fact that she is a widow to her roommate, her coworkers, and her boss. She lost her husband suddenly the first year they were married and preferred to hide the fact rather than face people’s sympathy. Charlotte is a beautiful data analyst, and her job is her life. However, fate throws her a curve ball when her husband’s ashes suddenly appear on her door step five years later. What the heck?

Charlotte is shocked to say the least. True to her nature, she digs in, researches and uncovers somethings that will rock her world. She battles a bitter ex-mother-in-law, her pesky late husband’s best friend, Brian, who shows up out of the blue, and a host of other issues. She discovers some shocking facts and questions how well she really knew her husband. Plus, Charlotte has a terrible time dealing with her emotions and wonders about her true path in life. Brian, who is annoying but very handsome, helps her deal with her issues, and she unexpectedly develops feelings towards him. Is that even appropriate? What does Charlotte discover?

HUSBAND MATERIAL is a compelling story of a woman’s search for inner peace after losing her husband. Charlotte Rosen thought she had put her grief behind her, locked away, but no. After her husband’s ashes turn up unexpectedly, her whole world is turned upside down again. Fate gives her a second chance to grieve, maybe the right way. Her late husband’s best friend, Brian, becomes a constant in her life, and romance simmers below the surface. The author expertly broaches the subject of grief with all its after effects. I was quite moved and cried, so keep Kleenex nearby when you read this emotional novel. Ms. Belden expertly infuses a melodramatic story with lightness and laughter, elevating an otherwise sad story to an entertaining level. HUSBAND MATERIAL is an uniquely trans-formative story with an A-HA moment. Simply fantastic!

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