I Heart Forever

  • Author Lindsey Kelk
  • Release Date September 12, 2017
  • Publisher Harper Collins
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780008264031/B072TX6C8Y
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

In the seventh novel in the I HEART series, Angela Clark is in for a whopper of a surprise at work and in her personal life as well. However, her hubby Alex has just left for an extensive trip abroad, her best friend, Jenny, is considering chucking her boyfriend, Mason, and her parents left for an extended cruise. Angela is bursting to share her news. Who does she share it with first? Her office nemesis Cici? Can life get anymore crazy?

Overworked, anxious and sick, her prestigious fashion magazine is on shaky ground when a new boss takes over. Will Angela ride out the storm okay or will she sink? Surely, life won’t throw her any more stressful curve balls. You bet your bippy, it does! What can possibly happen next?

I HEART FOREVER is a saucy, lovely, fast-paced read. All the quirky characters are back with a vengeance and causing heaps of trouble to boot! Angela and company are navigating relationship woes and unexpected surprises in work areas, friendships and personal lives. Lots of gossipy, intriguing developments and some troublesome ones also. Ms. Kelk does a splendid job of writing wacky creative plots that sparkle with ample amounts of laughter and smashing good times. I adore her characters, especially Angela’s friends who are an eccentric lot. They are equal parts sassy and smart, but are wonderfully likable. The author brilliantly mixes American and English attributes, which adds a divine atmosphere to the whole series. Chuckles galore as Angela handles problems concerning her parents. I just love that they were in this story too! Her parents are a hoot, just saying! This is definitely indulgent chic lit fare at its best! Much applause! I HEART FOREVER is a madcap tale of work pickles, friendship hassles, and private life difficulties that will make readers laugh at the inanities in life. Magically delicious!

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