Immortal Born: An Argeneau Novel

  • Author Lynsay Sands
  • Release Date September 24, 2019
  • Publisher Avon
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780062855213
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by BPoston

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Our Review

IMMORTAL BORN is the 30th book in the Argeneau Series and is as amazing as the first book written by Lynsay Sands.  

Allie Chambers befriends a pregnant woman who just happens to be a vampire. When her friend begs her to care for the infant in something should happen to her, Allie agrees. But the baby is no normal human–he’s a vampire.

At first, taking care of Liam is pretty simple. He requires blood. But as he’s growing, so is his need for blood. Allie loves Liam but knows she is unable to supply the blood he needs to survive. She gets caught stealing blood from the local blood bank where she works, which puts her face to face with Magnus, an Immortal (not a vampire…there is a difference) who realizes upon his first meeting that she is his life mate.

Magnus realizes someone wants the baby. The enemy will have no hesitation in killing Allie to get him. Magnus has lived his entire life waiting to find his life mate and will do whatever  necessary to keep her and little Liam safe. Finding out who is after them takes the entire Argeneau clan, which means lots of laughter, action, and danger.

I have to admit, the immortals are sexy as heck!

This is a large series of books. I have read all the stories and wondered how and if Lynsay Sands would be able to maintain the excitement and quality of her earlier work with this one. I had nothing to fear. I loved IMMORTAL BORN! This series rocks, and I can’t wait to read what is next for the Argeneau clan.

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