• Author Zoe Fishman
  • Release Date October 18, 2016
  • Publisher Harper Collins
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780062378743
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Diana S

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Our Review

Maggie Sheets is a cleaning lady for the rich in New York. One of her clients, and later a close friend, committed suicide and Maggie is devastated. When she gets a call from the lawyer for the deceased she figures it is a mistake. He informs Maggie that she has inherited a house in Sag Harbor. There is one catch. She also inherits the deceased’s eighty-two-year-old mother, Edith.

Edith has Alzheimer’s, but she remembers everything about her deceased daughter, Liza, and how she could light up a room. Edith can’t believe that Liza left her house and the care of Edith to her cleaning lady.

Maggie has a toddler named Lucy and she is not sure how well Edith will take to her daughter. Everything is mixed up and Maggie is trying to not get in Edith’s way. Edith is mad about the whole lifestyle she is forced into. Edith has always been proud of her independence and is afraid of losing all her memories. After Edith falls and hurts her hand, she realizes she needs help from Maggie just as her daughter had planned for her.

With the two ladies working together to get Edith’s memories on paper before she forgets them, will they find a life they can enjoy? Edith has a secret she has never shared with anyone and knows she needs to tell Maggie.

Zoe Fishman is a new-to-me author and I find I enjoy her insights into the minds of her characters. I will have to look for some more of her works.

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