Looking for a Cowboy

  • Author Donna Grant
  • Release Date October 27, 2020
  • Publisher St. Marin’s Press
  • ISBN/ASIN 1250250064
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Cooper Owens has made a name for himself on the rodeo circuit for calf roping. He yearns to find his direction in life. Cooper believes he has found it with Marlee Frampton, yet the beautiful out-of-towner suspects his friend of a nefarious crime. He and his friends offer to help Marlee with her missing newborn case. Unfortunately, Cooper learns his hometown is right in the middle of an infant trafficking ring. Will Cooper’s military training help Marlee with her case? What other troubles will they find?

Marlee Frampton is a private investigator who specializes in missing children. Evidence leads her to a small town in Texas and to a particular family. When her lead is a bust, Marlee reluctantly turns to a certain green-eyed cowboy for help. She never imagined finding a man like Cooper. However, Marlee’s investigation takes a dangerous turn, and it not only jeopardizes her life but Cooper’s also. Will Marlee and Cooper finally bust the infant smuggling ring? Or will the case cost them more than just their lives?

Cooper is definitely a keeper! I have always liked him and Jace since their debut in COWBOY, CROSS MY HEART, book two in the series. I adore how Cooper respects Marlee’s privacy and guardedness. He never pressed or pressured her for any information she was not ready to give. What I love the most about Cooper is how he worries over Marlee’s well-being. He does not want her to burn herself out, especially in her line of work. Cooper convinces Marlee to take some down time.

Marlee is such an inspiring woman. She takes a traumatic event and turns it into a calling. I adore Marlee’s love for eighties music. She is a woman after my own heart since that is my music choice too. What I love the most about Marlee is her tenacity. She never once forgot about her niece, and she continues to search for her. Also, Marlee allows nothing to interfere in retrieving missing children or helping families to find closure.

LOOKING FOR A COWBOY is book five in Donna Grant’s cowboy-themed romantic suspense series, HEART OF TEXAS. I highly recommend reading this series in proper order to understand the characters’ deep bonds. I love how the couples from the previous four books play important roles throughout the story.

LOOKING FOR A COWBOY is a suspenseful tale about love finding two people when they least expect it. I do hope the author writes Jace’s happily-ever-after next. That man definitely deserves one.

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