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I love reading Amish novels, and LOVE’S CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS did not disappoint. While Laura V. Hilton is a new-to-me author, I’ve read one book by Rachel J. Good previously and jumped at the chance to review this anthology. I loved the cover, and it drew me in.

LOVE’S CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS is two books in one: WINTER’S TREASURE by Laura V. Hilton and MISTLETOE AND MIRACLES by Rachel J. Good. They are both Amish stories with love interests, but the sweet romances are more in the background.  The stories show the strength of family, church, and belief. I’d love to read other stories that connect and embrace the characters we meet.

WINTER’S TREASURE has Paris and her best friend, Sarah, front and center, but Sarah is not truly a friend in her thoughts, words, or actions. Paris is always thinking of others and tries to make the best of all situations. It’s nice to see Paris and Quil, a neighbor’s grandson who comes to town to help his grandparents on their tree farm, get to know each other. They have some shared childhood experiences, but will Quil remember?  Quil doesn’t want to hurt others’ feelings, which sometimes gets in the way of achieving his hopes. The story plays out nicely with a few twists and turns. I love the interactions with Quil’s grandparents, as well as the young adult (or youngies, as they’re called) trip to Niagara Falls with the bishop and his wife. We get to know the characters and some of their dreams. I love the ending as well, and there’s a recipe in the back of the book for the same fudge found in the story. It’s something I might give a try!

MISTLETOE AND MIRACLES was heartbreaking at times but had me turning the pages to see what would happen next. Daniel’s father is in rehab after undergoing hip surgery. He’s in a lot of pain because of it and because of the loss of his wife; he’s not the happiest person. Many in the rehab center try to stay clear of him. His son, Daniel, visits him daily and is the opposite in temperament. He’s always smiling, kind, and willing to help others. His path crosses with Fern, an aide, and there’s an immediate attraction. She has secrets though and can’t afford to let anyone get too close.  Watching their attraction grow is heartwarming but seeing their awkwardness at times is sad. Her daughter, Lyddie, plays an important role in the story. It’s both uplifting and rewarding to watch her relationship with Daniel’s father grow, especially since they meet unexpectedly and not under the best circumstances. They are both shy people who open up to each other but also look out for each other. Lyddie’s school and class is front and center in the story, and I loved the way the generations mixed at the rehab center due to a school project and assignment. There is a nice ending rich in love.

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