Make A Wish

  • Author Helena Hunting
  • Release Date January 24, 2023
  • Publisher St. Martin's Griffin
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781250624741/B09Y476QLD
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

Hard-to-resist, perfect escapist fare, MAKE A WISH, is a lovely novel that’s exquisitely tender, equally funny and touching. Ms. Hunting’s story stars Harley Spark, whose family owns a prestigious hotel in Colorado. This is the third book in the Spark House series and Harley manages the social media, but her real passion is in child care and development. She is overseeing a birthday party, put on by Spark House, and spies a guy she adored many years ago. Oh my gosh, is it Gavin?

Gavin Rhodes is a widowed father with a young daughter who Harley nannied years ago. She almost kissed Gavin and then he moved to another state! Harley’s life spun out of control after Gavin and Peyton left, leaving her heart in tatters. He is at the party with his nine-year-old daughter, and he is even more drop dead gorgeous now. Her traitorous heart is doing the tango! Will she get the chance to apologize?

Gavin spies heavenly Harley at the party and chitchats with her. He casually mentions they get together over lunch with Peyton, of course, and catch up on each other’s lives. Harley isn’t so sure she should. True to form, her past feelings for him reappear, as they spend lunch together. She thought she was so over him, but obviously not! She wonders what Gavin thinks of her? Actually, Gavin is seriously attracted to the brainy, motherly, beauty! Is it possible romance is in the air?

MAKE A WISH is a heartwarming, promising and engaging novel. This story is all about Harley, her education, hopes, dreams and fears. It explores compassion, family and love as Harley, her sisters and family are involved in Spark House’s expansion. Harley spear heads social media tasks but loves being involved in childcare too. When Gavin and his daughter reenter her life, Harley is surprised to be given a do-over. Ms. Hunting delivers a beautifully scripted, uplifting story that will leave you in tears. I was moved incredibly by the warm sentiments and family values infused throughout. MAKE A WISH is beautiful, cozy and delightful. Indulge!

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