• Author Catherine Anderson
  • Release Date January 3, 2017
  • Publisher Penguin
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780451488022
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Diana S

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Our Review

MULBERRY MOON is the third book in Catherine Anderson’s MYSTIC CREEK series. It is a story about new beginnings for a couple who needs love.

Ben Sterling has returned to Mystic Creek, Oregon, after years on the road with his rodeo stock. He wants to settle down on his farm and start a family. Finding a woman to fit in his dreams has not been easy. The one woman he thinks might be right, wants nothing to do with him.

Sissy Sue Bentley has been working hard to make the café her aunt left her into a way of life for her, with no man involved. Sissy comes from an abusive childhood with an alcoholic father who has taught her to never trust any man. When Ben wants to get to know her better, Sissy ignores him until he quits coming to her café. Ben seems to always show up when she needs him, though, like when all her chickens get loose and parade down the main street of town. I enjoyed a good belly laugh at the hilarious scene of all the chickens and the people trying to catch them.

Sissy decides that maybe having a friend like Ben isn’t so bad but Ben still wants a relationship with her. Their attraction only gets stronger until her past catches up with her. Will they be able to work through all the bad memories that Sissy has been running from?

This story tugs at your heartstrings about the abuse children must endure in some families when no one tries to help. Some books leave lasting effects on the people who read them and I believe this is one of those books for me. I enjoy Catherine Anderson’s books and look forward to her future works.


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