One Fine Duke

  • Author Lenora Bell
  • Release Date July 23, 2019
  • Publisher Avon
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by B. Nakia Garner

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Our Review

In the 19th century in London, the goal for most young women is to marry a man of means and birth him an heir or two. Such is not the case for Wilhelmina Penny. She is eager to join the family business and become an international spy. 

She is an excellent marksman and is adept at creating gadgets for some of the spies to use in the field. Despite her desires, her uncle is determined to keep her out of trouble by marrying her to someone who is safe, solid, and a good provider. His sights are set on a duke named Andrew. 

Andrew has come home due to a threat against his family. His long absence and still-single status means his mother is all too eager to fill his days and nights with the most eligible bachelorettes in town. While the women are all demure, dainty, and eager to become brides, it is the bold and unconventional Wilhelmina who captures his attention.

Marriage aside, when Wilhelmina proves valuable when it comes to discovering who may be after Andrew’s family, the unlikely pair join forces and hope to keep their attraction at bay long enough to solve a great mystery.

It is always entertaining to read about a woman who defies expectations and is smarter than everyone around her. These characters are often humorous, fearless, but also incredibly sensitive. This combination requires a certain type of leading man and Lenora Bell hits it out of the park with Andrew.

A strong heroine and an accepting hero make this a pleasant read.

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