One Hot Summer - One and Only Texas #1

  • Author Melissa Cutler
  • Release Date April 5, 2016
  • Publisher St. Martin's Press
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781250071866
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Jo

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Our Review

ONE HOT SUMMER is book one in the ONE AND ONLY TEXAS SERIES.  Somehow I missed the prequel novella, THE MISTLETOE EFFECT, and will read it so I can fill in some of the blanks because not having read it I felt I was thrown into the middle of the story and didn’t always know what was going on.  Luckily once I read the first few chapters that feeling tended to go away.

ONE HOT SUMMER is hot in several respects.  It takes place in Texas and there’s a fire ban in effect due to the heat but also because Remedy and Micah  have an instant attraction the moment they meet that was combustible!  When they realize that their paths will cross over and over again because of their jobs – she’s the new events planner at Briscoe Ranch and he’s the fire chief and fire marshal for the county who will have to sign off on all the weddings that happen at the ranch – they try to distance themselves.  How well does that work? Since she’s from Los Angeles and came to Texas to lick her wounds after a problem with a celebrity wedding and he’s a Texan born and bred they don’t even seem to be on the same page.

There are a lot of mishaps on the ranch – mostly courtesy of Remedy’s clumsiness and misfortunes.  The owner of the ranch, Ty, has run-in’s with Micah about anything fire related to the ranch so there’s no love lost between them.  He also feels whatever the customer wants they should have especially if they can afford it.  That leads to some very interesting events. Ty’s mother, Granny June, was a hoot and got involved in everything romance.  Remedy’s parents are celebrities and when they come to town things might never be the same.  Micah’s best friend is gay, married and the father of twins whom Micah is one of the godfathers.

There are family and friends, co-workers, a small town and its businesses, wedding planning, anger, hurt, cutting remarks, arguments, tears, fear, fire, animals, laughter, happiness and a happily ever after in the offing.  There were laugh out loud moments but also some where I knew something bad had to happen.  There was some closure but enough loose ends that left me wanting more.  I for one can’t wait to return to Dulcet, Texas again and again.

Cutler is a new to me author.  I am happy that there will be at least two more books to the series since I feel there’s more story to tell.  I will add these books to my TBR pile, ONE MORE TASTE and ONE WILD NIGHT.  I also look forward to reading other books she’s penned!

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