One Last Kiss

  • Author A.S. Kelly
  • Release Date August 20, 2021
  • Publisher Independent Publisher
  • ISBN/ASIN 9798540108263/‎B095CQGKK2
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

ONE LAST KISS is a deeply dramatic angsty love story. It stars a lovely young lady, Rian Kerry, who falls in love with a divorced man, Parker Hayes, who is twice her age and a firefighter. He is a father to rambunctious six year old twin girls. Parker has issues in the romance department, after being discarded by the young woman he loved, married and who bore his children. His heart is shattered. So, Parker built up a fortress around his heart. Rian knocks down the impenetrable fortress, block by block with her womanly wiles, and proves herself worthy. The question is will Parker open up his heart to love again?

With Parker’s job being demanding and unpredictable, he needs a babysitter. Rian helps out many times and his twins grow very fond of her. Plus, Parker loves coming home to a blissful domestic scene with Rian intertwined with his cherished children. Another cupid’s arrow to his hardened heart. Will they make things work or not?

ONE LAST KISS is at times introspective, humorous, and passionate. It’s a moving romance between a young woman and a divorced father to twin girls. There are many family members and friends that give it a playful and comedic component as well, especially Parker’s brother. The relationship between Parker and Rian has many trials but the plot is extremely entertaining.

I love the romantic overtures in Rian and Parker’s courtship because, they are extremely attracted to one another. The author draws out the relationship, leaving the reader to wonder where it will end, because there are so many obstacles to overcome between them. The conversations flow as smooth as wine. The author has a gift of gab that makes for entertaining conversations. Loved that aspect because, so few stories have that much communication. ONE LAST KISS is simply fabulous! Freaking funny and melodrama overload!

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