One White Rose

  • Author Julie Garwood
  • Release Date June 13, 2016
  • Publisher Pocket Star
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele R.

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Our Review

What happens when a man comes to collect a horse? A baby unexpectedly arrives! Douglas Clayborne saddles up and trots off on his horse to gather his brother’s recently purchased Arabian stallion from a farm one dark night. He doesn’t expect to be almost shot at by a woman who is very pregnant. Holy cow!

Isabel Grant, a spirited, lovely lady, is with child and is most distressed. Her husband is dead, a menacing, ruthless rancher is after her to wed him, her food is almost depleted and there are chores galore as well as animals to feed. Now, a strange man is entering her dark barn! Heaven help her! Her baby is going to pop out at any time! What should she do?

ONE WHITE ROSE is a fast-paced, thrilling and touching story. One minute Douglas Clayborne is arriving at a barn to pick up a horse, the next moment he is delivering a baby! How did he get in this mess? What he doesn’t expect is meeting a delightful, beautiful woman, whom he can’t leave alone. Isabel, nervous and scared, can’t believe her luck. The fates heard her and delivered a good-hearted man, Douglas Clayborne, just in time. Only a ratfink rancher is after her, her land and her house, throwing Isabel into a tailspin. Wow! I confess, Ms. Garwood is a masterful storyteller and injected humor, emotional upheavals, tension and romance to create an appealing love story. A good man is hard to find and Isabel hits the jackpot with loyal, handy, hunkalicious Douglas. He ventures out after dark and rounds up food and medical supplies from the local doctor. What a guy! He is my knight in shining armor! There are frightening situations and emotions run high in this speedy, surprising, gutsy tale. ONE WHITE ROSE is complicated, tempting and irresistible! Utterly splashy!

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