Our Stop

  • Author Laura Jane Williams
  • Release Date June 13, 2019
  • Publisher Avon
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

OUR STOP is a bright mixture of missed chances, charismatic characters, and a sporting romance. The story slowly unravels a courtship of sorts through an ad in the newspaper. Daniel, a gorgeous guy, is dealing with grief since his dad’s passing. He is terribly lonely, but one day something happens that changes his whole outlook on life. While riding the London tube on his way to work, he spies an extremely beautiful lady and is instantly attracted to her. He would love to meet her but how? Daniel decides the best way is to place an ad in the London paper, in the Missed Connections column, with fingers crossed hoping she realizes the ad is for her. Looks like life is looking up!

Daniel has high hopes that they will meet. Nadia, a stylish, honest girl, discovers someone is interested in her when her best friend shows her the ad in the newspaper. Well, that’s just so romantic! Although, she is jaded after her last boyfriend wrecked her self-confidence with his insulting behavior. So with trepidation, Nadia gears up to meet men again. Her friends convince her to reenter the dating scene, after they respond to the ad. Nadia struggles getting up early each morning, in order to catch the train, that coincidentally Daniel rides too. She’s focused on a positive outlook and good vibes, so what could possibly go wrong? Here is the saga of Nadia and Daniel, never quite meeting. Will they ever make a connection?

OUR STOP is a downright addictive story wondering whether two strangers, Daniel and Nadia, missing each other by mere minutes, will ever link up. This is just like a soap opera with panache and real heart. I just loved the romance of it all! It stars Daniel who chases down a lady who he deems the love of his life. While the lady in question, Nadia, is none the wiser. It’s only after an ad appears in the paper that the real fun starts.

The author explores the human psyche of male/female relationships expertly, with analysis of romantic relationships and serendipitous moments. I fell in love with Daniel immediately and his knight in shining armor personality. Plus, the supporting cast of characters are fantastically flawed and funny! Ms. Williams realistically portrays best friends dealing with life in London, which pulls the reader right into their world. OUR STOP is as rich as a double dutch chocolate cake. The romance filling delivers to the last delicious morsel!

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