Ride Rough

  • Author Laura Kaye
  • Release Date April 25, 2017
  • Publisher Avon
  • ISBN/ASIN 978-0062403384
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Maverick Rylan is the vice-president of the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club. He builds custom motorcycles for a living. Maverick’s past love re-enters his life when a bruised Alexa Harmon flees to the Raven Rider’s clubhouse for assistance. He recognizes the tell-tale signs of an abusive relationship. Maverick helps Alexa realize her fiancé’s true nature. He aids her in escaping that toxic relationship for good, however, being around Alexa rekindles old feelings. Can Maverick protect Alexa from her abusive, controlling ex-fiancé? Will he and Alexa have their second-chance?

Alexa Harmon works at her fiancé’s real estate development and management firm called Grant Slater Enterprises. She also attends school for interior design. Alexa dreams of having a perfect and secure future, opposite to the life she had growing up. When her fiancé’s controlling tendencies intensify, Alexa recognizes the need to leave that poisonous relationship behind. Maverick Rylan, an old flame, comes to her rescue once again, yet Grant Slater continues to harass her. Will Alexa escape her dangerous ex for good?

Maverick is such a sweetheart. He is a rough-around-the edges knight on a chromed motorcycle. I adore what he and the Raven Riders do, helping battered and abused women and children escape their harmful spouses to start anew. I love Maverick’s steadfastness to remain near when Alexa truly needs rescued. I admire his consideration of her traumatic ordeal, without adding more to the situation by patiently waiting until she is emotionally ready. Maverick puts Alexa’s needs and wants first, stubbornly undoing all the psychological damage her ex-fiancé did in five years.

Alexa surprised me in a good and positive way. I admire Alexa’s courage to leave her fiancé’s domineering ways before the abuse got worse. I approve of how she made the choice, rather than having someone else make the decision for her. Around Maverick and the Raven Riders, Alexa revives the person she was before Grant Slater’s demolishment.

RIDE ROUGH is book two in Laura Kaye’s romantic-suspense series, RAVEN RIDERS. I have been anticipating this book since RIDE HARD. I love visiting Dare and Haven again, especially discovering how their life continues since the first book.

RIDE ROUGH is an inspirational yet thrilling story about re-discovering oneself after an abusive relationship and second-chances. I cannot wait for the next installment coming this October. I hope Laura Kaye writes more in this series, especially about Phoenix.

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