• Author Nalini Singh
  • Release Date July 19, 2016
  • Publisher TKA Distribution
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Ann Lee

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Our Review

Sarah Smith is a survivor.  The last thing she needs is to get entangled with her ex-husband, Abe Bellamy, rock star and recovering addict for Schoolboy Choir.  There is too much pain, heartache and drama but she cannot deny the attraction she still feels whenever she sees Abe.  There is something different about Abe this time around.  He’s changed but then so has she.  Can these two make their way back to each other or is there too much water under the bridge for them to cross?

ROCK WEDDING is the final book of the ROCK KISS series and it was worth the wait.  I was always curious to read what happened to Abe and Sarah and to read both of their sides made me ache for them.  They met and married so young, it just didn’t seem like it was their time.  Fast forward to the present, I really admired how Abe has continued to grow and mature as a person from the first page to the end of the book.  He is almost unrecognizable from the alcoholic and user that we first met in ROCK ADDICTION.  Sarah is a stronger woman but still is insecure about her relationship with Abe.  He has to show her he has changed for the better and that he will be there through thick and thin.  Through it all, the men and women of Schoolboy Choir and their friends and family are there to support them.  I just loved how all the little strings were tied up into little bows at the end and gasped at the surprise at the end.  Overall, I truly enjoyed the ROCK KISS series and loved each and every story.  They are definitely on my reread list for the summer. 

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