Rugged Texas Cowboy

  • Author Lora Leigh
  • Release Date December 5, 2017
  • Publisher St. Martin's
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781250150875
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Diana S

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Our Review

RUGGED TEXAS COWBOY by Lora Leigh contains two connected erotic romances, COWBOY AND THE CAPTIVE as well as COWBOY AND THE THIEF, in one book.


Rancher Luc Jardin had a bad experience with Maria Catarina Angeles. Two years later he sends a woman to jail for a week thinking she is Maria, but actually the lady is her twin sister Melina.

Maria has a drug problem and runs with a bad crowd. When she gets in trouble her parents always request that Melina take her place. Their parents use Melina to take care of Maria’s transgressions because she is mild mannered and honest. Melina gets out of circumstances easier then Maria, who is hot-tempered. After Melina spends the week in jail for her sister, then beaten half to death and almost raped with no one around to help her, she decides she will not cover for her sister anymore. The parents then disown Melina and send her away.

Luc kidnaps Melina thinking it is Maria because their brother wants to keep her away from Maria. Luc thinks he is supposed to keep her on his ranch to detox her off of drugs. After being around Melina for a while he knows she has never been on drugs and wants some answers from the brother.

An interesting tale of twin sisters and their total differences in character. Sex scenes are very explicit.


Jack Riley, Luc’s business partner, is in Ireland visiting an old business acquaintance, Joe Manning. Joe’s daughter, Angel, is the first Jack sees and he can’t get over how pretty she is.

There is a legend in the family that the wolf heads torque, a piece of fine jewelry, has been passed down from centuries to daughters and their young men to ensure a happy and long enduring marriage. Jack and Angel spat like kids. When Jack leaves and takes the torque back to Texas, Angel declares she will follow him and steal it back, because it is meant to be hers. A very sassy tale to the end.

These two stories are full of sassy women and beautiful men that fight to the very end. Anyone who enjoys explicit sex scenes and rowdy lovers will enjoy these two tales.

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