Sapphire Flames (A Hidden Legacy Novel)

  • Author Ilona Andrews
  • Release Date August 27, 2019
  • Publisher Avon
  • ISBN/ASIN B07G141J8W
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by SJ

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Our Review

SAPPHIRE FLAMES by Ilona Andrews is set in the Hidden Legacy world. This trilogy follows Catalina Baylor’s point of view, as she is now House Prime and leading her family’s PI firm.

Catalina is head of her house and has a power she’s spent her life keeping contained. With no effort, she can make people love her. So much that they won’t stop until they’ve consumed every part of her. She has spent the majority of her life fading into the background, being invisible. But now as head of her House, she is called on to use her powers to help a friend solve a murder.

In the course of her investigation, she runs into danger, and into the path of her teenage crush, Alessandro Sagredo, an Italian Prime with dangerous secrets.

Bound to help her client get to the bottom of a conspiracy laden with very powerful people, Catalina and her funny, quirky family navigate danger as they strive to solve the case. In the process, Catalina learns more than she bargained for. And if she’s not careful, she won’t survive to see how the case turns out.

This book is off-the-charts enjoyable. Fast-paced, funny, and with sexy leads who never fail to entertain, SAPPHIRE FLAMES is one scorching-hot must-read.

Catalina and Alessandro are far from perfect, and they know it. Their chemistry is wonderful to see. Catalina’s family is back and in raring form, and they absolutely make the story shine. My only complaint about this novel was that it had to end, and I can’t wait to see in what direction Andrews takes this next trilogy of the Hidden Legacy world.

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