Scandal Never Sleeps

  • Author Shayla Black, Lexi Blake
  • Release Date August 18, 2015
  • Publisher Berkley Trade
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780425275320
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Chrissy

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Our Review

Dubbed the “Perfect Gentlemen of Creighton Academy,” Maddox, Gabe, Roman, and Zack are inseparable – especially when it comes to trouble. There is never a time when they don’t have each other’s backs. But with Mad’s unexpected death, all their lives are thrown into turmoil – especially Gabe, whose sister is pregnant with Mad’s baby.   

Devastated by his friend’s death and the mess he left behind, Gabe’s left to clean up, Mad’s company and see that Sara and the baby are okay. Gabe finds comfort and solace in the arms of a one-night-stand, only to discover that the woman he slept with is a key player in Maddox’s company – and according to others, she was also his lover. 

Everly was unaware of Gabe’s friendship with Mad or that he’d be stepping in at the company to fix the company problems. She’s certain she’s about to lose her job, and Gabe’s furious that she was Mad’s lover, especially when it’s his sister who’s carrying Mad’s baby. With rumors swirling about the Perfect Gentlemen, Mad’s untimely death, and Everly’s involvement with him, it’s a tension filled situation. Throw in their intense attraction to each other and things are about to get really heated super-fast.

SCANDAL NEVER SLEEPS is an emotional ride from the very first page right to the end. You have to admire the men who make up the Perfect Gentlemen for their achievements and hell raising ways. While it’s sad that Maddox has died when the story begins, it’s also the beginning of an intriguing plot that involves all the members of their close-knit group.  Throw in the romance between Everly and Gabe, and this book is practically impossible to put down. 

In typical Shayla Black & Lexi Blake fashion, the erotic romance aspect of this book is smoking hot but tempered well with the rest of the plot. I absolutely loved getting to know all of the Perfect Gentlemen and really admired Everly’s bravado when so many people think so negatively of her. SCANDAL NEVER SLEEPS is a great, fast-paced read, full of memorable characters with a suspenseful storyline that keeps the reader guessing.

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